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Attention MMA fighters! If your back ground in fighting begins with wrestling it is very important that you put more time in to mastering your hands. Fights do not end up on the ground they are taken there by one of the combatants. 100% of fights start standing and you have to work hard to get a fight to the ground. If you have an unwilling opponent there is no guarantee the fight will ever go there. Carla Esparza and now Ronda Rousey have both had their titles taken from them by world class strikers because they depended to much on their grappling skills. Having one skill without the other is a serious handicap. Throwing combinations and blocking punches doesn't make you a boxer, its a lot more to it than that. OC Boxing & MMA Academy is the only gym in orange county that is the real deal when it comes to teaching the true science of boxing. We specialize in all forms of combat and boxing is where we are steps above the rest. Please give us a call and we guarantee that we can help you be able to compete in boxing and MMA at the highest level.