Some Ways To Choose An Outdoor Dining Table For Your Hotel and Restaurant Later


If you currently want to be able to offer your visitors a great and memorable dining experience, then there is now an outdoor dining place that will usually provide a very comfortable seat and also very important later. And just as with any type of outdoor furniture you normally use for your hotel, restaurant or resort, where to eat on your terrace should be a reflection of the image you want to show. You can choose, depending on your outdoor space, from bistro tables and chairs to more traditional pieces of wood. And the following will tell you there are at least three main factors that you still need to consider first before buying a dining table furniture for a place outside your home.

Material: Very sturdy wood such as teak wood, various types of metal and also rattan are three popular choices that are now widely used to make various models and also types of furniture. Maybe before you choose the right ingredients, at least you still need to consider the three main factors of it like endurance, comfort and even flexibility. Meanwhile, teak also proved to be more durable when compared with other materials apalagisaat every time they are exposed to sun exposure. Maybe wood can indeed be a very beautiful choice. But indeed, on the other hand rattan can also be a very comfortable material because of their very tight woven. If your outdoor furniture is exposed to sunlight and rain, consider complimenting rattan furniture with terrace umbrellas. Aluminum is more versatile because it is lightweight, yet remains sturdy and comes in a variety of colors.

Size: Although size may be the most important aspect when buying a kitchen set of outdoor furniture, this is often overlooked. Usually, the best patio dining area will go into your open space without making it feel crowded. Your outdoor dining table should accommodate all your guests comfortably while still leaving enough room to get around. Your table width should be as high as 36 inches (91 cm) to create a large space for setting the place and also the food.

The right size for your eating place will also affect your outer area. It will also depend on how your open space will be. In general, a set of bistros consisting of two chairs and one table is usually ideal for large or small terraces then for deck as well. So maybe if now you want to be able to make a small corner for a place of relaxation, then they will later be a very good choice later.

The round table is also great for small areas. They fit in the conference room and do not have a sharp angle to hit. Not having a corner makes it fit more people. The outdoor table pedestal is even better, as they offer more legroom. If you have a large room in your garden or terrace, go with the full rectangular outdoor dining set. Although the round table can be a space saver, the more difficult it is to reach mashed potatoes.

Surface: The table made of wood will of course still require the least maintenance when compared to furniture of other materials. This is because they are very easy to clean even with the use of mild detergent. Meanwhile, in the presence of a metal table, if left in the sun they will still be used as usual. But the downside of them is, this Teak Furniture Manufacture will be able to heat up very quickly. Therefore, they should be placed in a shady area like when you use a patio umbrella for them. And so it is with glass tops that are very simple to clean and can even make beautiful accents in the garden, but their fragile nature means best used on covered porches, porches or decks. In addition, they are weak against the elements so they must definitely be moved into the house during the winter.

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4 Benefits of Leaf Centers For Health and Medicine

Hasil gambar untuk pegagan

The benefits of pegagan leaf may not have been much in the know, but this leaf has long been used as a traditional medicine in various countries. Centella asiatica is a member of the parsley family that grows in India, Southeast Asia, and Africa. This plant thrives on the edge of the water body is calm and spread. The leaves and stems are part of the plant we eat or as a medicine. Like parsley, gotu kola also use for plate decoration and almost no flavor. Centella asiatica has been used as a remedy in Indian Ayurvedic tradition, and in the treatment of Africa and China. In addition to varicose veins, gotu kola is used to treat various conditions such as syphilis, asthma, and skin problems such as psoriasis. People also use it in cooking in the same way you would use parsley or watercress.

Here are some benefits of leaf pegagan for health:

1. Traditional and Contemporary Medicine

Over the centuries, especially in China, India and Indonesia have used pegagan to treat various diseases and medical conditions. Traditional uses include wound healing, treatment of skin conditions such as leprosy and psoriasis and improved cognitive function. Many people have used this herbal remedy to treat diseases such as syphilis, gastric ulcer, mental fatigue, epilepsy, asthma, diarrhea, fever and hepatitis.

The University of Maryland Medical Center says that gesture is currently most commonly used to treat varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency and psoriasis. However, modern research studies suggest the herb may also require additional drug applications.

2. Reduce Anxiety

Indian researchers conducted small-scale clinical trials to determine the effects of gotu kola, possibly on related anxiety symptoms, such as depression. They collected about 33 test subjects, who were given two capsules of 500 milligrams of pegagan extract each day for a 60-day test period. The investigators observed the participants during the study period and gave the questionnaires to be filled at the beginning of the test, after 30 days and at the end of the test.

Based on observations and responses, researchers found that Centella asiatica complements symptoms significantly to reduce anxiety. In the 2010 edition of “The Nepali Medical College Journal,” the research team says their findings suggest that gestational pennywriting may be useful in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorders, or GAD.

3. Accelerate Wound Healing

In a review of preclinical and clinical studies of the pharmacological properties of glychemas, the Indian team noted that several studies in animals have shown that herbal remedies are very effective in speeding wound healing. They cite a study in which various formulations of creams, gels and ointments from aquatic weeds and water extracts were applied to open wounds in laboratory mice.
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After 24 days of treatment, researchers found that pegagan applied three times a day has stimulated cell proliferation and collagen synthesis in the wound of the animal. An overview of the nature of this herbal remedy, published in the “Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.” September-October 2010.

4. Antioxidants

Researchers in Brazil evaluated the intestine extract of water in the level of antioxidant and cytotoxic activity. They also looked into the content of the extracts of both phenolics and flavonoids, vegetable compounds with significant medicinal properties. The reporting findings are contained in the issue of “International Journal of Molecular Sciences” 2009, the research team reported that the extract of pegagan showed strong antioxidant properties during the test. The researchers also noted that the extract of gotu kola exhibited cell killing ability when tested on glioma cell line of breast cancer.

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Discover Fun Holidays in Bulgaria


When it comes time to consider a vacation spot, most people think of warm sandy beaches, which are always crowded and often uncomfortable. Instead of choosing this kind of giveaway, find an alternative to traditional beach holidays, with a walking holiday in the mountains of Bulgaria. There are a large number of mountain vacations available, where you can find the Rhodope Mountains in Melanya. This unlocked vacation provides an ideal opportunity for everyone, giving you the highest environmental support and sensitivity, with stunning scenery, beautiful culture and more. Melanya is an innovative village, which has not changed for centuries, and you are encouraged to take one of these mountain vacations to learn more about people, culture, discovering rivers, forests, river currents and more that tremendous crossing this. Mountains.

Although this is a break from traditional holiday opportunities, mountain walking holidays are available to everyone, young or old, and you can always have airport transfers and arranged hotels to ensure that you enjoy your holiday with security, security and tranquility. This walking holiday paket honeymoon karimunjawa is deep in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, which is close to the border of Greece and Bulgaria. In the village of Lyubino, you will be able to find the most amazing heart debate, available panoramas from the venue with the highest point of view available safely. With beautiful stone housing, functional and ancient, slate roofs that have been made from the hand, they provide a magical look to keep their location on the slopes. This small village is beautiful, but its way of life is very fragile, because it stays in the neighborhood, with respect and work with the environment by all means.

With the charisma that you can not enjoy elsewhere in the world, you will be able to take advantage of traditional Turkish style, staying in a beautiful guesthouse, private house entrance, bedroom, kitchen, wet room and separate place. restroom. You can also make use of the self-catering facilities, or enjoy the fabulous organic menu, make your mountain walking holiday at Melanya, giving retreats you will remember forever. This mountain-walking holiday provides openness and relaxation that you can not find on any beach, anywhere in the world. In his speech you must Melanya, you will be able to read a large amount of information, read the map, and find the various activities available in the Rhodope Mountains.

This could include fishing, boating, mountain biking, walking, photography and more. The views and people are truly spectacular, and this is a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity for you to testify and experience every new life release that has not changed for centuries. This is truly an honor and a rarity in this world, and with your Mount Melanya vacation you will be able to harness wildlife, culture, amazing seasons, amazing activities and more, which really make this all inclusive. A great holiday destination for all.

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Bromo Tour Package 2 days 1 night with beauty Bromo in Overnight

Bromo travel package 2 days 1 night is one saving travel packages offered by travel ongis at designated for nature lovers who want to feel the chill of the evening breeze and the beauty of the sunrise at Mount Bromo. For those of you who get bored with noisy and congested urban street life of the city, this travel package will provide a solution to eliminate your boredom.

Bromo travel package 2 days 1 night will present the real beauty of mountain tourism bromo by notifying the appropriate spots to see the sunrise so that the eyes of your vacation to tour Mount Bromo did not disappoint.

If you want to look for evidence of the beauty of God’s creation, Mount Bromo is one of those places that you must visit travel malang surabaya .The beauty of the rising sun charming, scenic expanse of desert that is hypnotic, and the atmosphere of savanna hills teletubis which calm the mind. It is remarkable ciptaann god.

Gambar terkait

Here is a glimpse of the program travel packages bromo-2 day 1 night :


To pick the Ongis Travel will pick up from the station or in the airport of poor town, and then forwarded to the tourist area of Mount Bromo.
NB: cultivated checked in at 12 pm.


Arriving arrived in the tourist area of Mount Bromo, we will be heading to the inn to rest.

Towards the peak climbing

Around 02:30 am, we will besrsiap leaving for climbing to the top. Travelers will be picked up a jeep or hardtop. At the top climbing, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise until the finish.

Towards crater bromo

After the tourists enjoy the sunrise, we will go to the crater of Mount Bromo . Mengatar car could only arrive at the parking lot, so tourists have to climb to reach the crater or tourists can rent horses to climb (the cost of outside package)

Towards the desert savannah and desert

After enjoying the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo, travelers will be heading to the desert savannah, where travelers will enjoy views of green meadows. After that, the tourists will travel to the desert, where the tourists will hear the sound of sand in the wind as if they were whispering.

Program travel packages bromo-2 day 1 night ends

Once completed, the traveler will be delivered to local restaurants and a short break to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo before returning home. After that, the tourists will diatarkan back to the inn and forwarded to the airport or station in the poor.

To be able to book travel packages bromo-2 day 1 night, you can make a reservation with us. CS 24-hour service will be ready to help you arrange travel schedule at Mount Bromo. Entrusting your holiday with us Ongis Travel Travel

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Natural Oils For Acne And Scars Crackdown! (2-Out)

Once in a previous article Ledisia discuss the 5 natural oils that could be useful to relieve acne scars , will now be described 6 natural oils remaining. Curious what? Let’s look more in this article!

Coconut oil via

6. Coconut oil has a high vitamin E content. In fact, these oils can help the skin regenerate.

Coconut oil is usually used as a substitute for cooking oil because it is healthier and Nonkolesterol. However, the oil is rich in vitamin E is also effective to combat acne scars. Yes, vitamin E contained in it can be useful to nourish the skin.

Not only could soften, vitamin E can also nourish the skin so it will be healthy. A healthy skin means rapid regeneration occurs so that there are also scars which will gradually disappear due to be replaced by new skin tissue.


7. Fish oil is rich in Omega-3. These fatty acids one can heal wounds, including acne scars on the face.

Oils rich in omega 3 fatty acids can heal wounds and improve skin condition. Whether it’s a form of acne scars are dark spots until the scar inside. You can buy fish oil supplements are usually sold in supermarkets.

First, clean the face with warm water first and facial wash that is consistent with the condition of the skin. Then, pin-shaped fish oil capsule so that its contents can flow out. Spread evenly on the surface of the skin that has acne scars. Massage also that fish oil can actually soak into the skin and let stand until dry. You can perform this ritual 2 times a day.


8. Olive oil is friendly to the skin. Natural antioxidant properties in it can cure acne scars in a flash.

Olive oil is already famous for his ability to cure acne scars. Magic oil that has antioxidant properties of this nature can heal inflammation of the skin. In addition, this oil can also inhibit the aging process, so dull, wrinkled, and black spots guaranteed to be resolved.

Moreover, these oils are anti-inflammatory prevent infection, nourish with vitamins, help remove toxins, and also moisturizes. Apply every night before bed so that his usefulness increasingly felt.


9. Lavender oil has a calming scent. However, the actual acne scars can also be removed.

Usually used as an aromatherapy lavender oil because it has a soothing aroma. Oils extracted from lavender flower extract is also useful for curing acne scars.

The content of linalyl acetate and linalool also serves to maintain a healthy body and skin. In addition, these essential oils also have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Nature that prevents irritation and inflammation, and accelerate healing of course will be very useful as the main weapon to eliminate acne scars.


10. sandalwood oil has anti-microbial properties. No wonder this magic oil can be used to remove acne scars are still left in advance.

The oil comes from sandalwood has anti-microbial properties so it is used to combat acne scars. Not just stop there, this oil also serves to address the excess skin oil. It is no secret that the excess oil can clog pores and cause new breakouts. Apply to skin that has acne scars on a regular basis so that the oil on the face can also be reduced.


11. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins B and E. Not only nourishing, this oil can also get rid of acne scars.

In the jojoba oil can be found in vitamin B and E that can nourish the skin, but it is also very useful oil for healing wounds. No need to worry if this oil will clog the pores and cause acne are just as jojoba oil is very easy to absorb in the skin.

In addition, this miraculous oil can maintain the pH balance so that the skin can be hydrated and moist. If you want acne scars soon disappear, apply on the skin surface are routinely yes!

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Exciting Casual Fun in America

If you are looking for an exciting overseas adventure trip, there are some special adventure holiday America. If you have time to travel to the United States, you will be able to consider traveling regularly with leading travel adventure companies.

Here are some reasons why:

You travel in a very different way when you are in a company of experts. Your time is spent productively and nothing is in vain. You benefit from being with a guide who knows the best places to visit and stay.

The best adventure travel company will offer exciting opportunities like authentic accommodation, and homestay so you approach American culture, customs, and wildlife. They are the companies that design holidays paket bulan madu karimunjawa with high sustainable tours on the agenda.

A good adventure travel company will also give you the best value for money, because they know how to keep costs low without sacrificing the quality of your trip, there will be no costly mistakes and you will not pay much for anything.

Adventure vacations come in a variety of travel styles. You can choose tours, train holidays, holiday activities, or family vacations. The choice is amazing.

You will travel in small groups, which will help travel more fun because your friends will be like-minded people from all over the world. Therefore, the ideal journey for single people.
Your security is assured

Here are some really brilliant American adventure holidays that are very special indeed. These examples show that it is possible to see a lot of travel in America, but it will require a lot of prior knowledge and set up carefully if you do it yourself.

This journey is 44 days long. It is certainly a trip of a lifetime. It’s a round trip from San Francisco and takes you from east to west – right across from America. You will travel in a private air-conditioned van and have your CEO along the way. Your group will not be bigger than 13 people, its size is perfect. You’ll take an iconic city tour like LA, New York, Washington DC, New Orleans, and more. You will spend an entire day exploring the stunning national parks including Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Mesa Verde, Shenandoah, and more! You will visit the Finger Lakes and Taughannock and Niagara Falls areas. You will experience the real Wild West in Deadwood and travel through the Sioux area. Add iconic places like Nashville and Memphis, horse riding, canoeing and hiking, and you’ll have some ideas about the magnitude of this amazing tour.

Another trip that struck me was a camping holiday in West America. This was a 22 day trip with 15 nights camping in a fantastic location. Again, this journey begins in San Francisco where you can go kayaking and exploring the coastal region of Big Sur. Then you switch to Cachuma Lake, Santa Barbara, and then to Los Angeles where you can choose to visit Universal Studios. You will then travel to San Diego, where you will do a city tour, and Phoenix to pay a visit to a true cowboy bar.

You will still have the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and Monument Valley, in front of you, and you will learn about the Navajo culture. Then you will visit Moab, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Death Valley, and Yosemite. You can opt for canoe trips on the Russian River when you are in the Napa Valley. You will be camping almost every night, so you really will feel you have been out in the wild and adventurous. This is another epic tour.

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Your Various Ways to Choose a Patio Furniture


In decorating an area that is outside the room like a terrace, it will indeed be a very interesting thing as well as very frightening later. Meanwhile, different types of materials exist today. But which one should you choose? How much more furniture should you buy later? What size, color and even what kind of texture best suits the open space you have in the moment? And to be able to answer these questions, you at least still need to ask yourself about how many more things will be able to determine what your needs really are.

How often will you use them?

This fact can even be one of the most important questions for you to ask yourself, especially when you can determine what kind of patio furniture you will buy. Meanwhile, the frequency of use later will also be able to help you in deciding what will you need later. Whether they are light and easily storable furniture, such as plastic chairs, or durable and durable.

If you plan on using your terrace several times a day for possible months, you should look for solid, sturdy hardwoods such as teak. It will not only be used frequently (and may be misused) but will be easier to clean and maintain. Hardwood patio furniture, while more expensive, is better able to hold the element than its cheaper counterpart.

How to forgive your climate?

But things like that also back depending on how the condition of your area. At least you will also still have to consider the various factors that exist in your furniture. Usually indeed, a warm climate or close to the heat, tend to be able to require shade for the furniture itself and even for the owner later. And to be able to prevent damage that may be caused by sunlight or weathering early, then the area is temperate at this time it should be able to deflect an outdoor furniture. They should at least be able to maintain some kind of protector there. Whether it’s tarpaulins or sheets, to protect furniture in bad weather.

For climates that do not allow the use of terraces throughout the year, the owners must maintain adequate storage space. It can be indoors, like a garage or attic, or an outdoor storage area. The important thing is to protect furniture from the premature weathering of extreme weather such as snow or hail.

A very wet climate should avoid something made of metal, as it tends to rust.

Do you already have style?

Maybe now you have successfully planted various types of roses in the garden, until then you want to set up a terrace that is under a tree shack that may be inspired from the South. The colors and even the various styles of decorations that exist today will probably indeed be able to play a factor that will later contribute actively in the type of Teak Furniture Wholesale that you previously bought. Meanwhile, the ideal thing from this is the furniture you choose it should be able to blend perfectly with the existing decor in your outdoor living house. If you do not already have style, you can be more experimental in your choice and develop style as you follow.

The selected furniture should always match the mood you want for the area where you live. Teak offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, while rattan provides a traditional appearance. The typical usage and perceptions of each material, color and style must be weighed in the decision. Spend your time making decisions. You will enjoy this furniture for years to come.

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15 Benefits and Benefits of the Lotus Leaf for Health

Hasil gambar untuk daun teratai

The lotus leaf is a type of leaf that becomes part of the beautiful flower, the lotus flower. These flowers and leaves live in waters such as lakes or ponds. The lotus is often used as a decorative pond in the yard because of its beautiful and attractive flower display. Lotus flowers are usually white colored with large green lotus-sized lotus leaves. The surface of the leaves is smooth and looks like waterproof.

If since the first lotus plant is only famous of its interest alone, then now you need to know the efficacy of leaves for health. This leaf has some advantages for your body because it contains a combination of good compounds in overcoming various diseases. The benefits of this leaf is also good to prevent the occurrence of health problems before attacking your body, then there’s nothing wrong if you try it as an herbal medicine.

Lotus Leaves, Lotus Leaf Benefits, Lotus Leaf Efficacy

In order not to misunderstand the benefits and efficacy of lotus leaf, we give you a detailed explanation of some of the benefits of this leaf for your health. Here is the information.
1. Overcoming dysentery

The benefits of the first lotus leaf that can overcome dysentery. For those of you who have this disease in the body can use lotus leaf as a natural herbal ingredient to cure it.
2. Diarrhea medication

Khasat lotus leaf is also powerful to overcome diarrhea. This wide leaf will nourish your digestion and stop diarrhea. The benefits are also great for killing germs and bacteria that cause diarrhea.
3. Good for the fetus

Benefits of lotus leaf was also good for the fetus in pregnant women. The content of compounds in this leaf is good for fetal growth and calms the fetus. Pregnant women can take the essence of the leaves and then consumed every day.
4. Prevent stroke

Lotus leaf merit can also prevent stroke. This leaves will nourish your supply and relieve pain due to the emergence of this disease. You can consume it by boiling and drinking boiled water.
5. Good for the respiratory system

The benefits of lotus leaf are good for your breathing system. This leaf has a number of substances that are good for respiratory health. In addition, this leaf will improve the health of your respiratory organs like the lungs.
6. Relieves vomiting

Lotus leaves are useful to relieve vomiting, whether it is vomiting due to bloating or vomiting due to motion sickness. The content of compounds in green leaves can neutralize stomach acid in the inside of your body.
7. Overcoming leucorrhoea in women

Lotus leaves are suitable for use sebagia herbal medicine to overcome leucorrhoea in women. The benefits of this leaf will cope with the whitish fungus causing symptoms can be stopped with a natural.
8. Smooth menstruation is not smooth

Another benefit of lotus leaf for women is to nourish the hormone in the body to launch menstruation. Irregular menstruation can be the first sign that your body is disrupted by health.
9. Overcoming headaches

Lotus leaves can also be used as herbal remedies to cure headaches. Headaches like migraine can be overcome with this leaf. Try to eat them as herbs in overcoming headaches.
10. Prevent the disease of beriberi

This one disease will be easily treated with lotus leaves, namely beriberi disease. Gabugan a good substance or compound on this leaf is powerful to prevent and treat beriberi disease.

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advantages Cucumber regarding Beauty

icp capsule

Cucumber or maybe cucumber can be individual type regarding vegetable This can be often taken intended for cooking in addition to pertaining to beauty. Cucumber involves quite a few water, almost 95 per cent segment of your cucumber can be water. in Indonesia, a cucumber is usually effortlessly found from the cheap price. Substances contained for the cucumber am very good for health along with kecantikan.cara make cucumber mask13

For women, keep your current body to be able to stay beautiful can be something This is very important. Women are willing to be able to do anything in order to make her still look beautiful in addition to attractive. Cucumber are very instrumental throughout bringing in your face in order to be beautiful. the right after properties involving cucumber for the face:

Believed in order to eliminate panda eyes or perhaps black color ring Regarding the eyes. Cucumber incorporates a lot of water as well as numerous vitamins will eliminate dark circles Around the eyes, swelling of a eyes, and also Create a fresh eye. it\’s MAKE use OF is also very straightforward This is coming from cutting ones cucumber which has a thickness approximately 1 cm along with stick The idea throughout both eyes. Try to be able to do As soon as you might be not active. Wait exactly about 10 minutes along with rinse in clean water.
Besides being competent to eliminate dark circles, cucumber can likewise tighten your own skin in addition to softens the skin. Cucumber consists of numerous useful substances for the body may be used in order to make ones skin becomes taut namely via producing an cucumber mask. Tips on how to make natural facial mask of cucumber is actually relatively easy. Namely The way to soften cucumbers This continues to be cleaned in addition to peeled wearing a good blender. to acquire the latest sensation, when i can complete several pieces connected with mint leaves, and then blend together your own cucumber. Thereafter, mix your own egg whites with a great cucumber The item has become refined. Apply your mask associated with cucumber throughout most parts of your face for 20 minutes in addition to finally rinse throughout clean water. as well as applying egg whites, my spouse and i can cause cucumber juice mixed having a few drops of water lemondan the teaspoon involving honey in order to be taken like a mask because of its face.
Another benefit associated with cucumber with regard to beauty will be for you to make the skin am younger along with glowing.
In addition to skin care, That turns cucumbers are also handy regarding treating hair beauty. Cucumber containing silicon, phosphorus, in addition to calcium will be very useful in order to keep ones strength associated with hair therefore your hair does not easily fall out. regarding hair beauty care, my partner and i will drink cucumber juice every day. along with a hair amplifier, cucumber can be supposed to make hair store shiny and smooth. Namely Tips on how to MAKE use OF cucumber juice to be able to rinse hair.
In addition to help beauty, cucumber in addition plays the ticks role inside maintaining ones body to help stay healthy Just as controlling cholesterol, overcome digestive disorders, cure constipation, along with quite a few others.

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Looking for the Perfect

There was a young man who had reached the age when she had to find a life partner. So he searched for the perfect girl in the whole country for marriage. After days, weeks of searching, he met with a very pretty girl-type of girl who could grace the covers of women’s magazines even without make-up or cosmetics!23

However, even though she looked perfect, the young man could not marry her. Because the girl can not cook! So the young man went away. This girl is not quite perfect for him.

Then he searched again, for weeks, months, and finally she found the girl even more beautiful again, and this time the dishes she was amazingly tasty-better than that can you can in the best restaurants in the country, even better than you can get from the family restaurant. This girl even run his own restaurant business! Wow great is not it.

But this young man could not marry her anyway. Because the girl deficiency is he stupid. He could not establish a conversation at all, not at all intelligent. He has not graduated, everything he knows just cook! So the young man went away. This girl is not quite perfect for him.

So he searched for weeks, months, until he finally found the girl of this one! She is so beautiful, cooking exceed five-star restaurant, he even had his own three restaurants: a la Korea, a Japanese and an Italian. And he was so smart, he had two doctorates, his knowledge is so vast, it could establish a conversation so great, so good, so attentive. He is perfect!

But, this young man could not marry her. Because this girl looking for the perfect man!

Stop looking for her perfect, but receive him who received non-sempurnaanmu.

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