Face Use of Face Skin Mask

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Have you put a face mask in your facial care? If not, then you should immediately agendakan to perform this periodic facial care. Why? Because the face mask is an important key in getting a beautiful and healthy facial skin. What are the advantages and benefits of a face mask?

If you do not have time to do facials at the spa or facial care center, you can still do it at home. Especially at this time there are many different facial masks and their advantages. Here are some important things you need to know about face masks.

What Is A Face Mask?

Facial mask is part of periodic facial care made from various materials with their respective advantages. The variety of face masks depends on skin type and problem. Examples such as face mask for dry skin that aims to help hydrate and restore skin moisture, or vitamine mask to help brighten dull skin. Masks should not be used every day, just 1-2 times each week.

What Benefits Do You Get?

In general, masks have 1 specific benefit eg masks for treating acne prone skin and facial mask for anti-aging. When using a face mask, you will feel more relaxed facial skin and facial mask also has the advantage to calm the skin. After using it, the skin will feel softer and younger again. Here are the special benefits facial masks have:

Deep Cleansing. Masks are able to remove the excess oil production and cleanse the facial skin into the pores of the skin. Especially if you are accustomed to using thick makeup, which usually makes the pores covered by traces of makeup.
Detoxification. The use of a facial mask can help lift dead skin cells. The content of vitamins in the mask is able to restore skin youthfulness and cleanse the skin from toxins that come from free radicals.
Brighten Skin Face. Masks strengthen the performance of the toner in helping to stretch the skin pores and brighten the face. It also helps reduce black spots and makes skin look more radiant.
Rich Nutrition. Usually facial masks contain high in vitamins, essential oils, and anti-aging ingredients such as ginseng extract or green tea.
Soothing Power. Masks are needed by you who are experiencing some skin problems such as sunburn, sensitive skin, irritation and redness, or acne. The content in the mask is able to soothe sensitive skin.
Moisturizing. This is the main benefit of a facial mask that provides an extra layer of moisturizing skin.

With skin care face mask will be more complete. Prepare to have healthy and natural glowing skin. Good luck.

May 24th 2017 | Health, Lifestyle

Holiday in Miraculous Egypt

Located in North Africa, Egypt touches the Mediterranean Sea and lies between the Gazxa and Libya lanes. Egypt is known for its architectural and cultural treasures, stunning pyramids, dunes and stunning deserts. Egypt is one of the most lucrative destinations among tourists harga paket karimunjawa around the world and the reason why Egypt is seen so many people packing their bags towards it, this is the reason why more mummies are offered to the tourists.

Here are some of Egypt’s attractions and places of interest that you can always visit during your holidays in Egypt.


The capital city of Egypt is known for its famous Cairo museum, a building that is a collection of surprising antiques and treasures as well as buildings that provide beautiful views to the city. You can also visit old Cairo if you are. Someone who is interested in going through an area embedded with Christianity and Judaism, as well as a visit to the red sea is possible by visiting Cairo. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo should also be visited because this is a great treasure of Tutankhamen and also for the age of thousands and thousands of years. Mummy, after all Egypt is called the land of mummies.

Red Sea Beach

Holidays in Egypt can be more exciting by visiting the red sea coast. The site has a variety of resorts that have scuba diving offerings, which take you through the amazing underwater life experience on the Egyptian coast.

The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

While on holiday in Egypt, you can not miss the great pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, this artifact is quite popular not only because of the greatest monument in the world but because there is a mysterious architecture and therefore also part of the seven wonders of the world. . While on holiday in Egypt, one can not simply refuse to experience the beauty of this 4000-year-old structure and its enchanting show of light and sound.

Nil River

It is difficult to overlook the longest and most beautiful river, the Nile, which has a history of 5,000 years and has been a witness to various Egyptian rulers and pharaohs. The best and most convenient way to enjoy your holiday in Egypt with the Nile is to bring a yacht that will take you down to the ancient land, the mysterious coastline of Egypt and also make you see the amazing scenery with ease.

Shiva Oasis

Known as the main sights in Egypt, Shiva Oasis is famous for its rich olives and dates. Surrounded by hot springs, the Shiva Oasis has a winning culture called the Siwan culture that separates it from other tourist spots in Egypt, as Egypt follows the Arabian culture on a large scale. Oasis has a stunning and amazing beauty to it worth experiencing, while traveling to Egypt.

Abu Simbel

This amazing site in Egypt is worth a visit because the famous stone temple is located on its land. This stone temple is one of the most beautiful and wondrous structures in the world and stands upright as a memorial to the great pharaoh Ramesses II and Queen Nefertari. The temples also have large and striking statues that beautify them from the outside; Because of their large size they are also visible even from a distance.
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Try Hiring a Static Caravan at Welsh Holiday Park


Well, the credit crunch is here and we all need to reduce the small luxuries of life. So Vacation is one area where we can all cut back. For those of you who normally travel abroad you have two choices of holidays this year, or a cheap holiday at home.

Where can you take a cheap vacation? Of course staying in a static caravan on the beautiful Welsh coast. I know many of you who have not camped for years thinking that living in a static caravan is just a step up from slumming in a terrible tent in a dreary camping spot. You may have a clear memory of the water spray, and outside the toilet and shower block. But I assure you that staying in a static caravan can be as luxurious and far cheaper than a good hotel. Furthermore, caravans are like staying in a mini apartment that is beyond the price affordable for most people when compared to renting a mini apartment in a hotel.

Many caravans now have double glazing and central heating. They all have running water, a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a cozy living room with TV, sky dish and even a DVD player. Most of the caravans have two or three bedrooms. If you rent an apartment with three bedrooms in a good hotel, it is expensive only for one week. But the cost of renting a static caravan for a week is perfectly reasonable. So, let me assure you that living in a static caravan is far from a slum.

Oh yeah but that’s all self catering I hear you say! Yes that is if you want it, but most caravan holiday parks are now a wonderful entertainment center for the whole family. Actually you may not need to leave the caravan park for your vacation wisata karimunjawa stay because everything you need for a complete vacation is on location. Fun children’s clubs, pool complex, pub clubs, restaurants and a beautiful beach with a variety of beaches and of course the sea. The cool thing about all this is that you can enjoy all these activities without having to drive or even walk very far to get to them.

For me, one of the best things about staying in a static caravan is that many parks are right on the beach. Not many affordable hotels are right next to the beach with beautiful sea views. I do not know many hotels when you can walk outside your door and be on the beach in less than a minute, but there are plenty of caravan parks where this is happening. One other thing worth mentioning is the very child friendly caravan park with lots of grass areas for the kids to run and play without fear of traffic on the road. Furthermore, all other guests at the location will be a family because booking single sex is not allowed.

Therefore, there will never be a group of lager-louts or laddettes roaming the camp being drunk, sick or making a sound well until the early hours of the day when your kids try to sleep. One more thing to mention is that the caravan is removed so that it can speak. Therefore you do not need to stay very quiet because there are no guests in the room which is right next to your house. I can remember a lot of vacations as teenagers sit in the living room chatting while watching TV until the early hours of the morning and not worrying about getting people awake in the next room.

May 9th 2017 | Lifestyle

Creating a Teinten Display in Room Design Ma10 The Benefits of Reading and Why You Must Do It Every Day

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When was the last time you read a book, a magazine or maybe an article from sites on the internet? If you are one of countless people who have irregular reading habits, you may miss out on a large number of reading benefits. But hopefully it does not happen after you read this article.

Keep reading, because below are some of the benefits of reading that you must know.

1. Stimulating / Stimulating the Brain

Research has shown that brain stimulation can slow the development of (or perhaps even prevent) Alzheimer’s and Dementia’s diseases, as it keeps your brain active and prevents it from losing its ability. Just like the muscles in the body, the brain also needs exercise to stay strong and healthy, so the phrase “use or you will lose it” is very appropriate to describe this condition. Playing puzzles and games like chess, have been researched can help stimulate brain development.

2. Reduce Stress

No matter how much stress you have at work, in your personal relationships, or countless other issues you face in everyday life, it will all slip away as you busied yourself in a reading activity. A well-written novel can move you to another world, while an interesting article will distract you and keep you current, letting the tension flow away and allow you to relax.

3. Adding Knowledge

Everything you read will fill your head with some new information, and you never know when it will work for you. The more knowledge you gain, the better you are equipped to overcome any challenges you will face in the future.

In addition, here’s the food for your mind: when you find yourself in a bad state, remember that even though you may lose everything you have – your job, your possessions, your money, or even your health – knowledge can never Taken from you.

4. Enriching Vocabulary

This goes according to the title above: the more you read, the more words you get, and this will definitely pave the way to become your everyday vocabulary. Being articulate is very useful in any profession, and knowing that you can talk to your boss with confidence can be a great boost to improve your self-image. Even this can help in your career development. Because people who are good at reading, articulate, and knowledgeable tend to get faster (and more frequent) promotions than those with less vocabulary mastery.

Reading a book is also important to learn a new language, as it will broaden the words used in the context, thus improving the ability to write and fluency in speaking.

5. Increase Memory

When you read a book or a novel for example, you have to remember the various characters, their backgrounds, ambitions, history, nuances, and the various paths that compose each story. That’s pretty much to remember, but the brain is something extraordinary and can remember these things with relative ease. Amazingly enough, every new memory you create will create new synapses (brain paths) and strengthen existing ones, which help remember memory in the short term and stabilize moods.The More Modern

Installing a new look in the bathroom be it single or double it really will be able to change the bathroom or even the whole part of the house that is there. In fact, everyone also knows that a bathroom or kitchen can have a very good renovation value especially when it is time for them to be sold. So why do not you enjoy the results of your current job. Not just to enjoy the money when you have sold them. After all, you’ll probably spend a lot of things either at the beginning or at the end of every day in that room, right? Then, why do not you turn them into a design that looks more modern with a bathroom cabinet of teak wood.

The teak cabinets in your bathroom coupled with modern designs help create a minimalist look and feel, offering a contemporary look at your home. The modern bathrooms tend to have clean lines, edges and straight designs, and really look like hers in the 21st century. Your cabinet can be black and white with the device

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Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party : 1st Year

Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party  1st Year - Jakarta kids party plannerFor my daughter’s first birthday we are having a Yo Gabba Gabba party theme.

We are going to have a cake shaped like DJ Lance Rock’s boom box. My daughter will have her own small cake. It will be iced in pink with a lighter pink flower with a yellow center. This is so it looks like Foofa, who is her favorite character on the show.

We’ve bought the Yo Gabba Gabba soundtrack to play during the party, as well as the Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday dvd. This dvd will be playing on the tv for part of the party.

Around the tv I will put up a decoration made of posterboard. I plan to cut the posterboard to look like the television that plays the “Super Music Friends Show” on the show.

I’m also making a sign that will look like the Yo Gabba Gabba logo, only instead of “Yo Gabba Gabba!” it will say “Yo _____ _____!” (with my daughter’s name in the blanks). From the chandelier in our kitchen we will be hanging white streamers which will drape down toward the wall. This is to give the feel of the show’s white background.

Our folding table will have both leaves down so that only the oblong center part is up. For this I am making a gathered silver table cloth to look like the one on the table on the show. This is where we’ll have the cake until it is time to eat. We’ve purchased balloons, plates, plasticware, and other such party necessities in blue, pink, red, green, yellow, and orange, in the shades used on the show.

Pin the Flower on Foofa : Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Game

We will be playing “pin the flower on the Foofa” by passing out paper flowers to all our guests, blindfolding and spinning each in turn, then sending them in the direction of a paper Foofa which will hang on the wall. We also have a cardboard Foofa standup which we have purchased.

We had planned to have her Daddy dress up like DJ Lance Rock, but the costumes are hard to find now.

For invitations we used plain pink cards, glued in a printed insert stating time and place and other details, and put a white, cut-out flower on the front with a pop-it (foam sticker that creates a 3D effect in craft/scrapbooking projects). We colored the centers of the flowers with markers.

I hope these Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party for First Birthdays help you pull together a fantastic Birthday, Don’t forget to visit Jakarta kids party planner website.


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