Circulatory Massage

Massage and blood circulation are two things that can not be separated. One of the benefits of massage is blood circulation and make the body more relaxed.

As the main traffic in the body, blood circulation becomes one of the important systems that contribute to the healthy or not the body. When the blood circulation is not smooth because of something, clogged fat for example, the body organs will also be disturbed because it does not have enough energy (oxygen) carried through the bloodstream.

The result can not be underestimated. Sudden death, sudden stroke, heart attack, inactivity, difficulty moving, sudden paralysis, and other equally dreadful diseases. All that can happen just because the blood circulation is less smooth.

And, as already noted above, massage can be an alternative to blood circulation. Two things, massage and blood circulation may be like a pair of legs that support each other.

However, not all massage can launch blood circulation. There is also a type of massage movement that can actually make the blood flow broken and concerned feel the pain is extraordinary. Massage movements that can actually be a problem is that the pressure is very strong, so that the massaged body part instead of getting better, but the more bruised.

How to massage is good for blood circulation. The most important thing is to find the central points of the circulation of the body parts of the sick body. So, not just simply massaging the sick body parts without understanding the meaning. The soles of the feet and fingers are two parts of the body that can be considered the center of blood circulation. In two parts of the body as if there is a link with the body part that is sick. For example a great headache, we do not need to press the head strong because only by massaging the soles of the feet and palms of the hand, our heads are sick can heal.

From the little explanation above, we are increasingly convinced that massage and blood circulation are two important parts that are connected to each other.

June 19th 2017 | Tips

3 Natural Slim Tips For You Apply


Many women who want to be slim but ignore aspects of health and ignore Natural Slim Tips for thought will not work or new results will be obtained after a long time. Having a slim body will not be useful if it turns out that many diseases or just look pale, lethargic, and not fresh.

3 Natural Slim Tips below can help you to achieve your main goal, which has a slim and ideal body shape.

1. Healthy Food Consumption
Eating a healthy diet is the first natural way and can also be said to be the most important.
The main cause of obesity is food consumed. If you want to slim naturally, then start to find out the basic needs of your body. The point is to measure the level of food intake and avoid excess intake that will only make the body become fat.

For more details, you can consult a doctor or nutritionist. Healthy foods are foods that are of high nutritional value and do not or only slightly contain harmful substances, such as fats for example.
Fresh vegetables and fruits are good examples of foods that are worth consuming while on a diet. Healthy food is also determined by how to cook it. Avoid fried foods because it will only harm the body and will not make you slim. Should choose foods boiled or steamed, because the nutritional content is relatively still awake and not exposed to fat from cooking oil.

2. Regular exercise
Light but regularly performed on a regular basis is actually better than the occasional heavy exercise. Many people who put aside this natural way just because lazy to exercise. In fact, what is meant by exercising is not a heavy exercise or exhausting. Simple movements such as sit-ups while watching television will effectively help the body slimming if done consistently and regularly.

3. Calm Thinking
Keeping your mind calm and away from stress is also a natural way to help you become slim. Many people who consume excessive food just because they are in a frantic psychological condition. Stress, in some people, encourages him to consume excess food. This of course will damage your program to have a slim body. Therefore, it is important for each of us to keep the mind in a calm state so that the appetite can be controlled properly.

June 15th 2017 | Tips

How To Choose The Best Plywood Boat Making Plan


When building a ship, how can you ensure that you get a set of plywood ship plans that will produce the boat of your dreams? When you buy a car there are some designs and options that are ideal for some people, but leave others if they have bought other items. The same applies to harga plywood ship plans. Read below to review the criteria you should use to make sure the plan you’re buying is right for you.

The first question you want to ask is “what kind of boat do you have in mind?” When you think of boating, do you think of catching the perfect wind breeze to glide over the ocean in peaceful calm, or do you imagine the roar of twin engines as your best skiing across the lake behind you? You might even think of tranquil canoeing or kayaking along the beach.

Knowing the answers to these questions is important before you start looking at your plan. You should also look for the type of ship you have in mind on Google or other search engines. Find some pictures of the boat that interest you, and then look for a plywood boat plan similar to what interests you.

It is also important to be realistic about your level of expertise. There is no shame for wanting to build the speedboat mentioned above, but not yet having the gardening skills to do it. Building a boat is something anyone can do, but if the boat you want to get up now is above your skill level, it might be better to build a small boat, like a canoe or a rowboat to improve your skills, then get back on board. And overcome the ship of your dreams

When building a ship from your plywood ship plan, space is also a consideration. Are you going to build a boat in a small corner of the basement, or do you have a space available in a large garage or warehouse? Be realistic about the amount of space you have and the space needed to build a ship will prevent a project from starting that can not be completed.

It is always best to start a project properly prepared and make a decision that will make you not have to back off. Easily get into situations you have not prepared yet, but these events can also be minimized by planning what you can. Keeping the details discussed above will put you in the best position to build the ship of your dreams.

June 14th 2017 | Tips

Women’s Diet for Smart Children


Which woman does not want to look attractive and slim? And have a smart child? everyone wants dong ya .. we as women are destined to have offspring. of course the “perfect” descent.

For that as a woman must often update science. One of the following sciences is diet tips for women expectant mothers.

1. Prohibited diet during pregnancy

Women should diet before and after pregnancy alone. Because the diet during pregnancy can be at risk of causing certain malnutrition malnutrition resulting in physical or mental disability. While pregnant usually doctors recommend you to consume additional drugs to add vitamins and minerals are complete, and the content of folic acid enough.

2. If fat is mandatory diet before pregnancy

Among all the diet methods, actually WHO recommended only one, the diet LOW CALORIES. Nowadays there are so many choices of food or beverage products that can replace the food, the task we choose the best and trusted products of course, for example nutishake products from oriflame natural nutritional content and balanced with total energy value equal to 70 kcal kajal (needs per day approximately 2000kcal )

3. Breastfeeding for a smart child and mother quickly slim back

The fat reserves in the body can be converted automatically into energy by feeding the baby. While breastfeeding, the mother needs an extra calorie of 700-800 calories (so a total of 2700-2800kcal per day) keep in mind the quality of the food is far more important than the quantity of the food itself. Consume also foods containing stimulants breast milk, vitamins and calcium for mother and baby bones.

4. Start dieting after delivery for 4-6 months

This is when the baby has started to get additional food in addition to breast milk or so-called (food accompaniment breast)

But be careful  in choosing a diet method, as already described the best diet only with low calories. Avoid taking drugs that contain appetite suppressants, or fat solvents because they pose a risk to your baby. And the consumption of vitamins, calcium for mother and child bone support should still be done.

June 14th 2017 | Tips

Variations of Processed Banana Fruit for Children

Variasi-olahan-buah-pisang-bisa-menjadi-ide-cemilan-sehat-untuk-anak.Variations of processed bananas can be a healthy snack idea for children. Banana is one of the many fruits that contain vitamins and rich in substances that are needed for the growth of children. Actually, eating bananas alone is enough but sometimes children tend to get bored quickly even though they actually like to eat bananas. Therefore it is good for parents to think about some variations of banana-made snacks so that the needs of fruit and vegetables remain adequate without making them feel bored to consume them. Snacks made from bananas can also be used as a provision of children to school so they no longer need a snack carelessly, because some variations of preparations can also be quite filling for children.

Banana Chips Variation Processed Favorite Banana Fruit

Who does not like banana chips. This type of processed banana is very popular either by adults or children. In addition, the variation of processed banana chips is also very diverse, not only depend on the taste of salty and sweet but also various flavors such as chocolate banana chips flavor that is usually a typical gift by Lampung, but now you no longer need to buy all the way from Lampung because You can make your own chocolate banana chips at home with ingredients that are very easy to get. But of course banana chips just a light snack that is not too filling.

Variation of Sourced Fruit Banana

For a variety of processed banana fruits may filling you may vary it with bread, cheese or chocolate. Bananas are quite cut into pieces, then prepared on a loaf of bread then burned. After that you can add chocolate or cheese in addition to taste. In addition, many market snacks that use basic ingredients of banana is quite filling and you can make your own at home such as lepat pisang, nagasari with banana slices, green banana ice and so forth.

You should be creative enough when dealing with the needs of fruits and vegetables for children because children are more likely to get bored quickly. What’s more, some kids do not like to eat vegetables. But banana is practically a fruit that most kids love to consume, bananas including the kind of fruit that children like because it tastes sweet and soft texture. In order not to be bored you must be smart in choosing the variations of banana fruit preparations.

June 9th 2017 | Tips

Benefits & Benefits of Deer Deer (Sangan Barangan)

Gambar terkait

Deer Deer (Paltycerium bifurcatum) is a type of fern-pakuan plant that has a unique shape and exotic. No wonder if this plant is often found or maintained in the yard of the house as an ornamental plant because of the charm of beautiful leaf juntaian. As the name implies, this plant does have a similar appearance like a deer horn that hung down. Elk horn deer or also in the Java area people call it as a symbol of this deer, in addition to charm as an ornamental plant was also long been used as a traditional medicine ingredients. Deer deer leaves containing saponins, flavonoids and polyphenols has the efficacy of herbal medicine as an ingredient.
Deer deer nail (Paltycerium coronarium)

Nail deer horn (Paltycerium bifurcatum)
Benefits & Benefits of Deer Deer Nails

Deer deer horns can be utilized as herbal medicine or traditional medicine. Among its usefulness is to treat fever, abscesses, ulcers, inflammation of the uterus, mumps, and can also to treat irregular menstruation.
Traditional Drug Prescription Using Deer Deer Nail Plant

Here are some recipes of traditional medicines using deer horn nail plants (simbar menjangan).

Ulcer Drugs
To treat ulcers, mix a leaf of deer antlers with a little whiting, then finely mashed. Use this ingredients to compress the boils.

Drugs Abscess
An abscess is a pus hoard that usually occurs due to a bacterial infection. The way to treat an abscess is to pound until a piece of deer antler leaves, one onion clove and fennel pulawaras to taste. Then apply the herb on the surface of the skin that has an abscess.

Drugs Fertilize Gynecology
Deer deer is also able to fertilize the womb. The way to take 1/4 leaves leaves and simbar leaves as big as the thumb, then mashed fine. Enter into boiled water 1/2 cup squeezed then filtered. Add kawak acid and enough Javanese sugar then drink.

Oxygen remedies outside the uterus
To treat inflammation outside the uterus, mash until smooth 2 to 5 sheets of deer antlers and eucalyptus oil to taste. How to use it, which paste this herb on the abdomen / uterus and dressing with stagen cloth.

3 sheets of finely ground leaves, finely ground, with a little water and salt. Apply this herb around the goiter.

Fever medicine
One piece of finely ground leaf simbar leaves, add a little salt, brewed with 1 cup of hot water, then strain and drink the concoction twice a day, ie morning and afternoon.

Menstrual medicine is irregular
To treat irregular menstruation is quite easy. Pour 2 pieces of deer antler leaf that has been finely ground into a glass of hot water. Furthermore can be taken 4 or 3 days before coming month (menstruation).

June 7th 2017 | Tips

The Benefits of Boxing Chess Sports for Health

5boxing chess 2

1. Keep Your Heart Healthy

You do sports to get a fit body. But do not let you forget the main purpose of exercise, namely that you have a healthy body and youthful. To make sure that your body is healthy, you must have a strong heart for as long as possible.

A fitness trainer says that by doing Chess Boxing exercise will make you breathe heavily and increase heart rate. So the heart then pumps blood throughout the body. With increased heart rate will make your heart muscles strong, so you avoid cardiovascular disease as well as stroke.

2. Make the Body Be Very Fit

If you want to get a healthy body to the maximum, then you need to do various exercises. Everything is done while keeping your heart rate steady. If you want a whole body fit, then you have to practice aerobic and anerobic exercises like those in chessboxing.

Sport chessboxing has 70-80 percent anerobic and 20-30 percent aerobic. In sports chessboxing has aerobic benefits, such as burning fat and cardiovascular health being increased. As well as boxing sport has anerobic benefits, such as increasing endurance, body mass, metabolism, and make you not get tired quickly. So sport Boxing Chess is very useful to make the body more fit.

3. Lose Weight

Boxing is a sport that has a high level of intensity, so this sport will burn a lot of calories in the body. By doing a one-hour boxing exercise will burn as many as 300-500 calories, but it depends on the weight you have and the intensity of the exercise. So when you do this sport regularly then the lean body that you desire will be realized without you knowing it.

4. Burn Fat Fast

By doing boxing exercise will burn a lot of calories. But not only that, boxing can also burn fat on the body quickly. By doing it regularly will make the fat on your stomach will gradually disappear.

5. Increasing Concentration Power

Doing chessboxing exercise will make your concentration power will increase. This is because chessboxing is a combination of sports boxing and chess so as to make the thinking power and brain performance will increase by itself. Sport chessboxing is done alternately, where each setnya alternates with playing chess and boxing.

6. Make Your Body More Strong

When doing chessboxing exercise you will not only burn fat. But it also aims to increase speed, endurance and keep your body will remain in top condition. This is because when practicing Chess Boxing will involve various types of repetitive movements and involve your whole body. Repetitive movements performed will provide strength and strength in the body, especially the hands, feet, and abdominal area.

7. Reduce Stress

A study shows that boxing will help release stress on the physical and mental. With boxing makes the hormone cortisol will decrease and increase endorphins that function as a substance maker happy. So by doing sports chessboxing will boost the mood naturally, which ultimately relieve stress you are experiencing.

8. As Defense When You Are Attacked

In addition to sports chessboxing has benefits as above, this sport can also be used as a self-defense when you’re having a dangerous situation. This sport is also suitable for women, so they can defend themselves when they are being bullied.

9. Boxing Chess Increases Confidence

While practicing chessboxing, a considerable release of endorphins will occur on the body when you practice punching samsak. The substance will make you feel happy and strong. And with continuous practice will make you have a high confidence.

May 23rd 2017 | Tips

The Benefits of Bowling for Health


1. Make MuscleStrong

Weight ball and movement or technique are very influential in building stronger muscles. Movements such as bending, pulling the body backward, leg movement is also very helpful in forming the muscles of the body becomes stronger. If you often do bowling, you can feel the usefulness in a few months.

2. Make Muscles Be Flexible

Not only does it help in making muscles strong, doing this exercise can also help flex the muscles of the body. Many body movements that can help muscles become more flexible, such as bending, crawling, twisting, jumping and more.

3. Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Not only does it help in making the body muscles become supple and firm in the legs, arms, chest, abdomen or thighs only, but bowling can also help in building stronger muscles in the internal organs like the muscles around the heart. In addition, regular breathing is also necessary in playing this sport, it can also train the heart in supplying blood throughout the body.

4. Preventing Diabetes

In addition to helping in overcoming various heart diseases, the benefits of bowling next exercise is to prevent diabetes. Although powerful in preventing non-treat, this sport deserves to be a healthy exercise choice for you who want to avoid diabetes.

5. Streamlining the Blood Circulation

Movement produced when playing olarahga has efficacy in improving blood flow. In addition to helping to make the blood circulation to be smooth, this exercise can also help in building more active blood cells so that the blood vessels ebih maximum in distributing oxygen throughout the body.

6. Lower Cholesterol

For those of you who have high cholesterol, try to try this mild exercise because it is of great benefit in helping to lower cholesterol. Everything there is a bowling movement, these movements are very positive effect in overcoming various diseases, especially cholesterol.

7. Increase Motor Coordination

In bowling, you are required to shoot ahead to hit the target. Important elements such as balance, technique and power are very influential in this game. All that requires good body coordination. If you often do this game, then indirectly you are actually training the coordination, balance, pressure and control of energy.

8. Increase the Sense of Socialization

Sports bowling is one of the most popular indoor sports. With its popularity, of course this sport has many organizations or clubs of its players. You can join a club and build a good sense of socialization for the health of the mind.

9. Lose Weight

All sports definitely have the efficacy in losing weight or burning calories, although some are just a few chances. This game became one of the sports that burn a lot of calories. As has been observed, playing a single bowling can burn at least 150 to 300 calories in each game.

10. Reduce Stress

The next benefit is to help in dealing with stress due to the many thoughts about work matters or personal problems. Doing this game can give a happy effect on the liver and help the mind more fresh.

May 22nd 2017 | Tips

Benefits of Red Spinach Juice for Health


1. Launch the digestive system

Efficacy of the first red spinach juice can help you in the launch of the digestive system. For those of you who want to have a smooth digestion and also want to regulate bowel performance, this drink can help you because the fiber content in it which is very high and good for your digestive health.

2. Cleaning the female reproductive system

For those of you who have just given birth, the content that has been in this red spinach juice can be used as detoxification. By consuming this juice regularly, will be able to help you in cleaning the dirt or toxins that have been in your reproductive organs out of childbirth.

3. Ward off free radicals

This red spinach juice has vitamin A content that has a role as an antioxidant. Free radical itself is one of the things that is very dangerous for the health of the body. Of course this is necessary to be prevented because it is very dangerous if only in the let alone. The content of antioxidants in this juice can help you in warding off free radicals that are harmful to health.

4. Boost the immune system

Having a strong immune or immune system can help you keep away from the various diseases that will strike you. For those of you who want the body kekelaban be strong, you can drink this juice. The content of vitamin A in it can help you in improving your immune system becomes more stable.

5. Cure kidney disorders

The content in red spinach juice also has health benefits for the body which can help you in curing problems or kidney disorders. For those of you who want to prevent or cure disorders of your kidneys, can to consume this drink which will be able to clean the kidney and also restore the function of the kidney as in the beginning.

6. Treating anemia

If you are deficient in iron, it can make you affected by anemia, or lack of red blood. The content of red gayam itself has been believed to have a very high iron content. Of course, this can be an alternative for those of you who want to treat or prevent anemia.

7. Maintain eye health

The content of vitamin A in red spinach juice has been believed to help you in maintaining eye health. Having a healthy eye is one of the good things. With a healthy eye will help you in preventing various eye diseases such as cataracts, nearsightedness and others. Selan it, its content can also sharpen your eyesight.

8. Helps to lose weight

For those of you who are currently doing a diet program, this drink has been believed to help you in losing weight. By consuming this juice later your weight can go down quickly. Of course, this has been due to the fiber content present in it and the low carbohydrates.

9. Treating fever

The content that has been in this red spinach juice can also be used as a fever medicine. This red spinach has benefits which can help to relieve your high body temperature to normal temperature again or restore your temperature again.

10. Helps the development of the fetus

Betain and also folate that already exist in this juice also has benefits for your health. This content is very useful because it can help the development and growth of your fetus. Of course, this can make the baby born did not experience disability and even be a smart child.

May 18th 2017 | Tips

How To Treat Foot Crumbs


1. Honey

Honey is a viscous liquid similar to syrup produced by bees or other insects from the flower nectar. In addition to consumed, honey can also be used to help remove skin cracked on the sole of the foot. How to use, pour honey into the water then soak your feet with water. Soak the feet for approximately half an hour while rubbing your soles.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil does have many benefits for both health and beauty. One of the benefits or usefulness is to smooth the heel and cracked foot. How to use it is very easy because you simply apply olive oil on the heel or a broken foot. For best results should be done at the time before starting the activity and before bed.

3. Coffee grounds

Utilizing coffee grounds is also one way to treat broken feet. If you like to drink coffee, you should not immediately remove the coffee dregs. How to treat chapped feet with coffee grounds is enough to massage in a circle on the area of the foot is rough or cracked. You can choose this way because coffee grounds have the ability to lift dead skin cells that simultaneously rejuvenate the skin.

4. Oil Massage

The main factors that can trigger the emergence of cracks or cracked on the sole of the foot is dry skin and pollution. How to prevent this problem is actually also enough to wear socks only. Only, this treatment will be much better if coupled with a massage using almond oil, olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, and others. Cultivated care is done regularly.

5. Rose Water and Glycerin

Treating cracked feet can also be done by applying a mixture of rose water and glycerin which then added a little lemon juice. When you have applied the mixture on the sole of the foot, leave it for 15-20 minutes. After that, use a scrub to help lift dead skin cells. Then clean, dry, and do not forget to apply moisturizer on the soles of your feet.

6. Siamese Pumpkin

Not many know that squash can also be used to help overcome the soles of the feet or heels are dry, rough, or cracked. How to use it, prepare the squash and split into two parts. Take a white sap and then apply on the sole of the foot. Allow to dry, then wipe with cold water.

7. Avocado fruit

This one fruit is very delicious if made juice. In addition to delicious, the benefits of avocado is also good for health and beauty. One of the benefits is to help smooth the heel and the sole of the foot is rough and cracked. If you choose to make avocado to solve the problem of cracked feet, you simply prepare one avocado and take the meat to be used as a scrub. Rub the avocado scrub on your heel or cracked and cracked foot. Massage for 5 minutes in a slow way. Let stand at least 20 minutes then clean.

May 17th 2017 | Tips

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