Circulatory Massage

Monday, June 19th 2017. | Tips

Massage and blood circulation are two things that can not be separated. One of the benefits of massage is blood circulation and make the body more relaxed.

As the main traffic in the body, blood circulation becomes one of the important systems that contribute to the healthy or not the body. When the blood circulation is not smooth because of something, clogged fat for example, the body organs will also be disturbed because it does not have enough energy (oxygen) carried through the bloodstream.

The result can not be underestimated. Sudden death, sudden stroke, heart attack, inactivity, difficulty moving, sudden paralysis, and other equally dreadful diseases. All that can happen just because the blood circulation is less smooth.

And, as already noted above, massage can be an alternative to blood circulation. Two things, massage and blood circulation may be like a pair of legs that support each other.

However, not all massage can launch blood circulation. There is also a type of massage movement that can actually make the blood flow broken and concerned feel the pain is extraordinary. Massage movements that can actually be a problem is that the pressure is very strong, so that the massaged body part instead of getting better, but the more bruised.

How to massage is good for blood circulation. The most important thing is to find the central points of the circulation of the body parts of the sick body. So, not just simply massaging the sick body parts without understanding the meaning. The soles of the feet and fingers are two parts of the body that can be considered the center of blood circulation. In two parts of the body as if there is a link with the body part that is sick. For example a great headache, we do not need to press the head strong because only by massaging the soles of the feet and palms of the hand, our heads are sick can heal.

From the little explanation above, we are increasingly convinced that massage and blood circulation are two important parts that are connected to each other.