• Muay Thai originated in Thailand and is one of the most powerful and brutal striking arts in the world.  It’s considered by many to be the best martial art on the planet.  Muay Thai is the science of eight limbs and it consists of using the hands, shins, elbows, and knees to strike.  Clinch fighting is also used in this art to deliver close range knees, elbows and inside punches.

    Traditional Muay Thai is similar to boxing in terms of levels and progression. To earn certification in Muay Thai you must be able to perform your techniques in actual ring competition. Fighting experience is how you get certified at OC Boxing & MMA Academy. Even if you’ve trained for 10+ years but never competed you are a beginner, a practitioner with 0 to 10 fights is considered a novice and definitely not a coach. Head coach Fahness Lutalo has a career total of 24 fights and is a champion of two Muay Thai tournaments with 14 years of experience in the art.

    Our Muay Thai is authentic and beautiful in execution.  It comes from the north east region of Thailand where they call it “Muay Korat” and uses straight leg stance and wrap their hand to elbow, due to their different ways to deliver and blocked strikes.  Our Muay Thai is top notch and rivals the knowledge, efficiency and effectiveness of any gym in the world.