Classic Boxing

Out of all the classes offered at OC Boxing & MMA Academy, none are more popular than the classic boxing class.  We are licensed and experienced with hundreds of fights coached.  We are the only Midwest boxing gym in southern California.  The Midwest style of boxing has produced more hall of fame boxers than any region in the world and in more divisions than anyone. Fighters like Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Marvin Hagler, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Pernell Whitaker and yes the greatest Muhammad Ali. This is where the science of boxing is truly exemplified, learn all the basic punches of boxing and then learn every possible way to combine them and make combinations.

3 Time World Champion – Shane Mosley and Fahness Lutallo Boxing Coach
(IBF, WBC, and WBA World Champion. Won 46 / KO 39 / Lost 8 / Draw 1)

Learn defensive tactics that allow you to shut down your opponent’s combinations, gain an understanding of how to combine your footwork with your punches and create opportunities to land clean shots and escape before your opponent can hit back.  Learn to off balance your opponent and hit him while he’s out of position, confuse him and make him do things he doesn’t want to do then take advantage of him, hit pressure points to the body and break him down, take his stamina, scramble his vision, take away his jab and out smart him with intelligence.

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Most of the general public and a huge part of the boxing community believes that boxing is more about toughness and how much punishment you can take and keep coming forward but nothing could be further from the truth, at least not at OC Boxing & MMA Academy.  Intelligent boxing gives anyone a chance to be successful in the ring, you don’t have to be the toughest you have to be the smartest. So come on down and let us show you the real sweet science of boxing.