Cardio Kickboxing & Fitness Program

If you are looking to stay active and get in great shape, our cardio kickboxing classes will help you melt off the calories. Unlike other gyms that have you punching and kicking with no technique, each of our cardio classes are designed with exercises that target specific fighting techniques and the muscle groups used to execute those moves effectively. You will learn real fighting movements while conditioning your body into the the beautiful specimen it was designed to be.

• Melt off the calories
• Learn proper fighting movements as you exercise
• Develop sharper hand eye coordination and speed
• Workouts target specific muscle groups
• Non contact
• High energy 45 minute workout

Our cardio classes are NON-CONTACT. So headgear and mouth pieces are NOT REQUIRED. You will learn to use all of the equipment that our professional fighters use. Also, you will get into phenomenal shape and develop sharper hand eye coordination. A great diet combined with this workout is the perfect combination for getting fit and staying healthy.

This is the perfect class for all students from beginners to professional fighters. It’s a great place to start your journey on reaching your fitness goals. Give us 45 minutes per day and we’ll have you in the best shape you’ve been in years.

For early birds, check out our Morning Bootcamp Program as well.