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Benefits and Benefits Leaves for Health

Hasil gambar untuk daun kenikir

Leaf kenikir which is also known as the king’s deciduous leaves is a kind of vegetables. And quite a lot of people who use it as a mixture of vegetables. And it turns on the other side of the leaves kenikir used as a vegetable dish but also can be processed into herbal remedies that can cure various diseases.

Quite a lot of diseases that can be cured by treating these kenikir leaves in various ways. Starting from boiling and taking the juice, by pounding and then apply on the outside wound, and make it a dish. Although boiling still will not eliminate the benefits and also usefulness.


The content of leaves thinker;

And others

With so much content that is in the leaves kenikir, it is no wonder if this leaf is not only used for cooking only. And herbalists also make use of this leaf to make potions useful to cure various diseases. And here’s how to make herbal medicine from leaves kenikir with easy way.

How to make herbal medicine with leaves kenikir;

Take some leaves of young and still fresh thinker leaves, then you wash until the leaves are clean
Prepare 2 to 3 glasses of drinking water and put in a heater
Then enter also the leaves you have cleaned
Then boiled until the water in it is completely boiling and leaving only 1 glass of water
You can also mix it with pure honey to increase the benefits and also more complete nutrition
At least 1 times a day drinking boiled water, or in accordance with the disease that you suffer

The next way is to soften the leaves of kenikir until it becomes smooth. And usually use to treat bruises or inflammation wounds by rubbing leaves that have been ground into soft.

How to make herbal medicine leaf kenikir degan mash;

Choose the leaves of thinkers are still good and still young, usually at the edges
Next you wash the leaves until completely clean
Then you pound the leaves to make it softer
Furthermore, you can immediately apply a soft leaf on the part of your body is sick or inflamed
You can repeat it or change it at least twice a day

1. Treating cancer

Content that is in the leaves of thinkers such as flavonoids and saponins do serve as a breaker of cancer cell chain. So by consuming extracts from these leaves will prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. Starting from breast cancer to other cancers.
2. Boost immunity

With the amount of content that is in the leaves kenikir then the need for nutrients our bodies will be more fulfilled. And indirectly will build the immune system in the body. So our body becomes not easily attacked by disease.
3. Anti-free radicals

Free radicals that are usually generated from air pollution can cause various diseases. Starting from minor ailments such as skin diseases to cancer, can be prevented if we want to consume leaves thoughtful well made like a drink or we consume directly as fresh vegetables.
4. Treating weak heart

The content that is in the leaves of thinkers such as flavonoids and others will serve as an antioxidant that will ultimately repair damaged cells. And the compound will also launch blood circulation, especially in the heart area. Thus it will strengthen the heart muscles and heart will also be more healthy.
5. Treating ulcers

Irregular eating patterns can be one cause of ulcer disease. And also too high acid content in the stomach. By consuming the leaves of kenikir it will neutralize stomach acid and also will treat the wound on the wall of the stomach.
6. Blood Cleanser

Dirty blood is usually caused from free radicals and also unhealthy lifestyle, and also a very low intake of nutrients. By consuming leaves that contain flavonoid kenikir then it will neutralize toxins in the blood.
7. Healthy bones

Not only the parents are required to consume leaves kenikir, because the efficacy of this leaf is to prevent osteoporosis or pengeroposan on bones and joints. And for the children will help bone growth become stronger.
8. Treating mumps

Leaves that have polyphenol compounds will treat mumps accompanied by inflammation or swelling.

June 9th 2017 | Health

Home Room Decorating Using Mirror Furniture


Venetian glass furniture actually can be a perfect solution in the room especially in a place where the light in the room was quite limited. Actually in the presence of a typical house style like that, or at least with 4 walls or that have a wall facing north, then it will get less light and therefore, they will automatically also receive very little sunlight. Another room that is on the side of the house actually can also look darker and even look even uninteresting later. As for the bright room, they will automatically be able to help improve the mood of someone. Usually in order buy venetian mirror to achieve a similar effect in a much darker room, it takes a little bit of thought like that. And with the existence of various venetian mirror furniture today and also very beautiful in the market, then all the problems that will be solved soon.

Usually in using a mirror to be able to reflect the current rays may indeed have long been defined as a classic design rule but maybe later still there will be a possibility for you in reflecting light in the presence of a new mirror furniture. And no matter how the home room you want to enliven, then you will also be able to add additional light one of them is in a way like this. Actually until now there are also various styles that you can choose. Starting from the design of modern furniture corner to the traditional furniture that seem softer. Actually there is also the possibility that you will be able to get to know one item and if you put them strategically then it will be able to help you in reflecting as much light into the room or even can help complete the look of the room with one of the coordination range of the mirror furniture so that Will be able to maximize the effect.

Glass is the dominant feature of the most interesting modern architecture so let’s take it to our home. In a dark room facing north, make the most of the existing light by installing a curtain instead of a curtain, or letting the rail outside the window increase to increase light entering the room. Choose furniture that reflects bright and large mirrors to highlight some well-chosen accessories in accent colors. Place a large mirror either with, or without, a piece of mirrored furniture, across the window facing north and just look at the wall receding and the daytime flooding coming in. Interior designers have long realized that light should be allowed into the north facing room. In an unbroken way. I have explained this principle to my parents for many years. They have a north-facing room with beautiful scenery made dark and prohibits large antique furniture furniture. This room could really be changed with the mirrored furniture and I have been trying to get my hands on it for some time!

Maybe later you will also feel that solving a mild problem in this way will indeed be the best way for the bedroom. But maybe it will be less workable if you install it in the kitchen. But there is nothing wrong if you believe that a Venetian mirror furniture that it will be able to work in every room that is at home. Actually we also have a contemporary kitchen area with a smaller size and facing north. We ourselves have also put a very large Venetian mirror on the right wall as it passes through the door. In fact it is not just an antique-style mirror that can maximize the existing light. They will even be able to make the kitchen look twice as big later.

June 7th 2017 | Business

Use Venetian Mrriore To Beautify Your Home


The beauty that is derived from a glass mirror of Venice is no doubt and even they need to be appreciated for hundreds of years already spread in various parts of the world. Even a craft that is currently long developed in a small island in Italy will usually be able to produce a very beautiful work of art and even they will also be able to hang at home and then they will also be found in the palace of the king and Queen. The art of glass blowing and mirroring was passed from father to son and a group of Italian craftsmen finally began to create a mirror that caught the attention of the nobles in Europe in the later part of the Renaissance.

Mirrors are made with individual pieces of hand-blown glass attached to a wooden frame with small screws with a rosette cover. Glass is unique because of its thinness, clarity and brilliant color. The design is often scratched on the bottom of the glass. Until now, the mirror played a functional role by bringing the illumination into the room without much natural light. Many mirrors have candlesticks mounted on the bottom of the frame. The mirror is meant to reflect light from a candle to illuminate the room. When European nobles discovered the beauty of Venetian mirrors, they hired craftsmen to create more ornate mirrors, to show off their wealth to their friends.

We ourselves can still find some old Venetian mirrors all over Europe whether in private homes or in museums. They even usually also become a craftsman who will be able to create a treasure that is in Italy is very good. And we are also very grateful to be able to hold a reproduction which is cheaper and even they have also been widely available in various styles and also the price range that will later be adjusted to the decoration that looks traditional and even that looks antique venetian mirror very modern. Usually you will also find a glass of Venetian mirror that will later be decorated to almost resemble a renaissance version or a fairly simple variation, which only takes the general idea of etched glass for a contemporary look.

The large Venetian mirrors can be the focal point of the living room or dining room. Smaller mirrors can work well in the bedroom or bathroom. The driveway would be another great place to hang such a mirror. Venetian glass glass that you can buy today serves the same dual purpose of the Renaissance. Hang one in your house and you will be bright in more light and make the room look a bit bigger than that. You can also enjoy the beauty of the mirror and even impress your friends if you want. Perhaps this is why this mirror has been popular for centuries.

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Benefits & Benefits of Deer Deer (Sangan Barangan)

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Deer Deer (Paltycerium bifurcatum) is a type of fern-pakuan plant that has a unique shape and exotic. No wonder if this plant is often found or maintained in the yard of the house as an ornamental plant because of the charm of beautiful leaf juntaian. As the name implies, this plant does have a similar appearance like a deer horn that hung down. Elk horn deer or also in the Java area people call it as a symbol of this deer, in addition to charm as an ornamental plant was also long been used as a traditional medicine ingredients. Deer deer leaves containing saponins, flavonoids and polyphenols has the efficacy of herbal medicine as an ingredient.
Deer deer nail (Paltycerium coronarium)

Nail deer horn (Paltycerium bifurcatum)
Benefits & Benefits of Deer Deer Nails

Deer deer horns can be utilized as herbal medicine or traditional medicine. Among its usefulness is to treat fever, abscesses, ulcers, inflammation of the uterus, mumps, and can also to treat irregular menstruation.
Traditional Drug Prescription Using Deer Deer Nail Plant

Here are some recipes of traditional medicines using deer horn nail plants (simbar menjangan).

Ulcer Drugs
To treat ulcers, mix a leaf of deer antlers with a little whiting, then finely mashed. Use this ingredients to compress the boils.

Drugs Abscess
An abscess is a pus hoard that usually occurs due to a bacterial infection. The way to treat an abscess is to pound until a piece of deer antler leaves, one onion clove and fennel pulawaras to taste. Then apply the herb on the surface of the skin that has an abscess.

Drugs Fertilize Gynecology
Deer deer is also able to fertilize the womb. The way to take 1/4 leaves leaves and simbar leaves as big as the thumb, then mashed fine. Enter into boiled water 1/2 cup squeezed then filtered. Add kawak acid and enough Javanese sugar then drink.

Oxygen remedies outside the uterus
To treat inflammation outside the uterus, mash until smooth 2 to 5 sheets of deer antlers and eucalyptus oil to taste. How to use it, which paste this herb on the abdomen / uterus and dressing with stagen cloth.

3 sheets of finely ground leaves, finely ground, with a little water and salt. Apply this herb around the goiter.

Fever medicine
One piece of finely ground leaf simbar leaves, add a little salt, brewed with 1 cup of hot water, then strain and drink the concoction twice a day, ie morning and afternoon.

Menstrual medicine is irregular
To treat irregular menstruation is quite easy. Pour 2 pieces of deer antler leaf that has been finely ground into a glass of hot water. Furthermore can be taken 4 or 3 days before coming month (menstruation).

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Red Oak Plywood

Find the best source for quality Red Plywood to change your sweet interior decorating dreams into harga blockboard reality then put your trust in yourself. All the needs that may be related to the best quality and appearance only exist when you use the best quality red plywood. Good looking and durable can accomplish much in producing eye catching interior design using red oak plywood.

Red Oak Plywood is a basic need to create an imaginary interior design and is thus considered the backbone of the interior design world, with the advantage of having lower prices, better color consistency, and increased stability. Having a labor force to pick a better color ball from this Red Oak Plywood and the accompanying rails and stones has satisfied all the individuals who buy until now. Made with the best maple wood available on the market, and fine equipment, our Red Oak Plywood arranges the market.

We specialize in producing and delivering wooden doors to suit the demands of our consumers. With dedicated staff and adequate technology, we are constantly striving to create the best results that meet our customers’ needs. Our products are developed to suit the demands and dreams of our customers for the best final product.

This subject takes a lot of research because everyone knows this is a matter of time and commitment to the most desired interior decoration and looking for a place to stay. Always make the right choice while looking for Red Oak Plywood as a low quality material available on the market everywhere. Use your intelligence when handling these requirements, it is best to include your faith in us for the needs of Red Oak Plywood.

Very sure after crossing the line above you definitely use the services available with us to meet your interior decoration needs. It is best to wait for you with us. Innovate to impress others just with us for Redwood Plywood Red Oak.

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Why Do not You Try Boats Made of Plywood?


Plywood is the right choice to make a boat. Especially if you are not really going to put a heavy load on it. Plywood is used as material in most plywood boats. Plywood is a building material.

For beginners, plywood building is the most affordable and easiest building material. Many people say that this resource is also the heaviest compared to other ship types. It is believed to be durable and low-maintenance like any other material agen triplek. No special tools required; Just a regular workshop at home can be used in a good build. Plywood boat building can be simplified basically knowing method.

The most common type of construction is plywood, and is used on one or two layers to make it thicker. This requires minimal cutting and fitting and involves much less frames than traditional shipbuilding methods. Note the frame and shape of the boat. The assembled frame is built on two longitudinal stringers that lead to both elongated and transverse. Make sure each frame has a sufficient distance and the same. Frames should be attached to the form using wood blocking. Some plywood ships use a simpler form of building.

It is best to align the section by bringing it to the correct height by using a straight edge on the keel to ensure that this line is correct. Each side can be used to determine the angle of pane. Once aligned, the parts are anchored in position and adjusted to the shape required to ensure it will not move during construction.

Think about setting up each side and pin them to make sure you get a nice plywood ship you want.

Rest assured, I have tried 3D Boat Design and can personally recommend this product.
From my review, I found that 3D Boat design is easy to use, very flexible and is all you need to design a ship, yacht or ship.

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The Benefits of Dragon Fruits for Heart Health

What do you think when you hear the word dragon fruit? Perhaps what comes to mind is a dragon that usually appears in fairy tales, which tells of a brave warrior who managed to save a canti princess, which is in brackets in a tall tower. The tower is guarded by a dragon that can breathe fire.

Certainly not a dragon like that. But the fruit that grows from a plant. It is called dragon fruit because its skin has scales like a dragon. The original name of this fruit itself is actually a fruit pitaya. This dragon fruit flourishes in the tropics and subtropics, in the south american and asi region. Tree The dragon fruit itself is prickly like a cactus tree. The fruit is red with white flesh or blackish berries, and has black seeds.

Dragon fruit itself has a scientific name:

Ceraus, Acanthocereus, Echinocereus, Selenicereus, Stenocereus, Escontria, Myrthillocactus.

Dragon fruit is also known as:

Pitaya, Dragon fruit, Red Pitahaya, night blooming Cereus, Strawberry Pear, Belle of the Night, conderella plant.

Other common names:

France: Cierge-lezard, poire de chardon,

Germany: Distelbirn Echte Stachelbirn, Drachenfrucht.

Hawai: Pa-nani-o-ka.

Portoguese: Cato-Barse, Cardo-ananaz.

Spanish: Pithaya Roja (Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela): flor de caliz, pitajava (Puerto Rico); junco, junco tapatio, pejaya orejona, reina de la noche, tasajo (mexico)

Sweden: skogskactus, rod pitahaya.

The nutritional value of 100 grams of dragon fruit is:

Water 80-90 grams
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 4-25 mg
Ash 0.4-0.7 grams
Calcium 6-10 mg
Calories: 35-50
Carbohydrates 9-14 grams
Carotene (vitamin A) traces
Fat 0.1-0.6 grams
Fiber 0.3-0.9 g
Iron 0.3-0.7 mg Niacin (Vitamin B3) 0.2-0.45 mg
Phosphorus 16-36 mg
Protein 0.15-0.5 g
Thiamine (vitamin B1) traces
Riboflavin (vitamin B2) traces

Benefits of dragon fruit for health:

Boost the immune system. Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin C and fiber that is beneficial to the body
Helps digestion, because dragon fruit is rich in fiber.
Lowering blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.
Prevent the formation of cancer cells due to free radicals. The minerals and fibers contained in the dragon fruit help to clean up toxins in the colon. And prevent bowel cancer.
As an antioxidant, because it contains high levels of vitamin C, minerals, and pytoalbumin, the dragon fruit is able to prevent free radicals and anti-oxidant properties.
Helps regulate cholesterol levels.

In addition, dragon fruit is useful to accelerate wound healing, increase appetite, improve vision, lose weight, improve memory.

The greatest benefit of dragon fruit is that it can help improve heart health. Because it can reduce the level of bad cholesterol, and the possibility of plaque buildup in the arteries and veins is very low or even impossible. The positive content of this dragon fruit can enable HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) nyang able to lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) by reducing receptors in the artery walls. According to a study published in the journal Pharmacognition in 2010, the researchers found that consuming dragon can help reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Because dragon fruit has a monosaturade fat content that helps keep our heart in good condition. In addition, dragon fruit can reduce high levels of oxidative stress, which is one of the main factors of heart disease.

June 7th 2017 | Health

Halloween, a tradition with history

Data, customs and meanings behind this popular and cultural celebration.

When it comes to Halloween or Halloween, you think of costumes, masks, party, sweets and children. But tradition indicates that its celebration was not always festive and joyful and that the rituals practiced during the night had a purifying and religious character.

October 31 is a date associated with the dead, souls in pain, witches and spells. These characteristics are due to its proximity to the Day of the Dead, which is commemorated in the first week of November.

Historically, Halloween as a practice of meeting and gathering was inherited from the English Celts. For Christians, this name is derived from the word All Hallows E’en or eve of All Saints’ Day.

Where does it come from?

The customs originated in the New Year celebrations of the Druids and Romans. As in other New Year festivals, the dead were again among the living on this date. The Celts made human and animal sacrifices in honor of the god Samhaim, lord of death.

During the ceremony the Celts disguised themselves with the skins of the animals sacrificed, to remove from the town to the demons that visited them and to be able to return to the normality the following day. With the ashes and the remains of the sacrifices they made a rite to know what would happen in the following months.

Also, the sabbath was celebrated or celebration of witches. In her, the witches and the sorcerers met to offer sacrifices to Satan, lord of the death, by rites, sexual acts and death. In the Middle Ages black cats were burned for believing them friends of witches.

In the United States the small communities of Irish Catholics began to celebrate this date in the mid-nineteenth century and from there the tradition spread to the rest of the planet, including Colombia.

A magical night of spells and fun

Because of their use and familiarity, the following symbols are included as representative examples of Halloween:

The pumpkins

Pumpkins cut in the form of grotesque faces and lit with candles on the inside originated in the games of the Irish children, who used potatoes and turnips for this purpose.

The name of these pumpkins, jack-o’-lantern, is derived from the legend of a drunk named Jack, who with tricks managed the devil to promise not to pursue his soul again. According to legend, when they died, they did not let him enter the sky for stingy and miserly, so he had to go to hell and the devil condemned him to wander the world until the day of Judgment Day. The devil threw a coal on him so he could see in the dark and Jack put it inside a turnip that was eating.

The ghosts

The custom of catching lanterns and dressing ghosts originated from an ancient Irish legend. In Ireland and England they cupped beets and potatoes to use as lanterns. After this custom arrived in America, the pumpkins began to be used.

“Trick or Treat”

On the eve of October 31, the Celts went through the neighborhoods, collecting offerings for the party. They wore disguises, masks, lanterns and canes with a very sharp point. In each house they asked for a specific offering (treat). If denied, the Celtic used the cane to do them a trick. Trick means trick or evil and treat, gift or gift.

The use of kostum badut

The use of disguises has its origins in the rites of magic and ceremonies of many primitive peoples. The disguise was a symbol of the spirit to be invoked.

Black cats

The Celts believed that the black cats were sacred, that they had been human beings and that to have been involved in bad works had become them animals. Medieval superstition also believed that Satan and the sorcerers assumed the form of black cats. It is said that witches flew with black cats.

The witches, queens of the coven

Far from being women with warts, something dirty and poking the sky mounted on a broom, witches can also be beautiful young people who use their knowledge to do good to their community.

That is the revision of the myth of the witches that several experts took a few years ago to a congress in Sassello, city located in the north of Italy, in which psychologists, mediums, astrologers and some religious participated, to give their point of view About a phenomenon that is sometimes disturbing and has a good dose of legend.

“Witches, fascination and mystery. Seductoras perversas or enchants seduced? “, Is the motto under which the congress took place, where some connoisseurs of the mass process for witchcraft carried out in Triora in 1588.

Witch hunt

In Liguria, known as the “Italian Salem”, over four centuries ago more than four hundred women were burned, accused of witchcraft, which has given this northern part of the country a secular reputation for performances outside of Italy. Normal, well taken advantage of from the tourist point of view.

The experts in witchcraft agreed that women who in the Middle Ages were considered as such did not necessarily have the negative meaning with which they have passed to posterity and were even known to do good to those around them.

Thus, in dark years of plagues, famines and wars, the “good witches” healed the sick with herbs, they helped the women in labor and gave birth to couples, thanks to their “filters of love.”

Love spells

The latter were nothing spectacular or especially mysterious, but perfumes that, in times when hygiene was not widespread, allowed women to attract the attention of men.

Of course, the filters had to be prepared on Friday night with the moon in a crescent, and included ingredients such as spruce powder, amber, rose petals, sandalwood and violets, all wisely mixed.

In contrast, they could also produce a potion for the cases that claimed revenge and then had to prepare a Tuesday, with dragon blood, rutaceous plant dust, ground peppercorns, a pinch of sulfur and another of iron filing, all mixed And kept in a metal box.

Some of these products used herbs dangerous to health, according to the pharmacist Giorgio Giordani, who confirms that some potions were used against female frigidity and male impotence, but also as a remedy against the flu.

Participants at the Sassello congress agreed that the witches were often young people of singular beauty, which is why they were envied and sometimes persecuted, according to the psychologist Fabio Parigi.

To confirm this, the story of Wasa, the beautiful daughter of the owner of a travelers’ inn, was confronted by the powerful lords of the region, whom she helped as a witness to imprison the two sons of the governor for rogues, which is why Was burned alive without prior process, accused of witch.

In spite of their bad reputation, the dreaded “sabbaths” were not necessarily a demonic and malignant manifestation, but the gathering of people who acted wildly thanks to the ingestion of some hallucinogenic substance. Everything has an explanation in this world.

June 6th 2017 | Entertainment

The origin of Halloween

The origin of Halloween dates back to the ancient pagan festival of Samhain celebrated by the Celtic people more than 2 thousand years ago. The Celts believed that the dead could walk among the living, and during the celebration, the living could visit the dead. However, the Bible teaches that the dead have no conscience at all, so they can not get in touch with the living.

The Bible

The Bible does not mention Halloween. However, about modern customs The Bible warns that there should never be anyone among us who refers to ghosts or spirits, or consult the dead. It also indicates that the practices associated with Halloween are not appropriate because you can not ‘drink the Lord’s cup and the cup of demons’ at the same time.

Halloween costumes

Some books tell that the Celts used macabre disguises so that the spirits confused them with one of theirs and left them in peace, while others offered sweets to the spirits to calm them.

June 6th 2017 | Entertainment

Various Excellences that Naturally Exist in Teak


Because the teak wood itself is one of the very hard wood and also solid, and they in fact are also very porous. Therefore, this wood is suitable for use in a wet place. They are very strong wood, durable and even can not rot. Teak wood will not be eaten by insects because they have some kind of wood that can repel insects. One of the excellent attributes of this is usually will be added with the gold color in teak is very beautiful. That’s what makes them the most ideal and most enjoyable option to use as a bathroom.

Teak wood itself is actually one of the wood with a yellowish brown color that is usually widely processed in several countries such as India, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. Teak is wood that has a very good texture. They are widely used in fact also their excellent strength in fighting the weather. That is what makes teak wood can be very suitable to use either indoors or outdoors. Teak is even very easy to work with. Because of their density, that’s what makes this wood so much favored by many carpenters. Speaking of the durability of wood, this wood does have a very good resistance. They can stay well outdoors despite the turn of the season though. This of course will not be separated with the existence of natural oils in teak. The wood is not easily fragile and very versatile.

They can even be one of the very nice wood options for outdoor use. But maybe after you know other types of wood than teak, you will be able to get the final decision. I myself also really feel very surprised especially when already knowing about how easy or fun if you can use a teak tile and which are usually also intertwined in building my own deck. But, usually for most people they do prefer to use a teak deck to look beautiful and classic. It is important to understand all the options of teak decking before starting your deck, so here is a little information about interlinked tiles and teak decking to keep in mind:

Although it should take longer to finish this deck, but at least the beauty that exists on that very exotic teak wood can be very valuable in a lot of time to effort. Usually indeed a development will begin by ignoring the teak wood as a decorative material. This is due to very high cost and also other things that are usually associated with timber imports of teak from Patio Teak Furniture various forests in Southeast Asia. But, usually it is a teak plantation that is usually located in Latin America can provide supply of teak that is considered more environmentally friendly and coupled with the same quality with lower shipping costs. This is because the location of Latin America is closer to the United States. In addition, another advantage of using teak for accessories is the presence of a naturally produced resin from teak trees. The resin is already proven to repel termites, moisture and fungus and restrain every cracking work time. This means you can have a beautiful deck without having to worry about cleaning or caring for it.

So what happens if you do not use the cover of outdoor patio furniture? You will fight rust on any popular wrought iron bistro on the terrace. The constant rain and snow during the winter will mean that you will spend a lot of time in the spring and summer sanding and repaint the metal. It may not be the task you have in mind when buying a set.

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