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Do not Let Your Vacation Interrupt Your Job Search


The holiday season is fast approaching, and for most people it means shopping for gifts, going to holiday parties, and spending time with family and friends. But just because you are busier than usual does not mean you should postpone your job search. The company will hire employees throughout the year including holiday wisata karimunjawa season selma, which is another reason why you do not let the holidays interfere with your job search.

Here are some tips to keep your job search alive during this busy season:

Seasonal Workers: The holiday season is a good time when service-oriented companies hire additional workers. Sure, they may tell you that the position is expected to last six weeks – before just before the holiday season. But, finally, if you do a good job and show them that they can not run the same without you, they may decide to extend your work.

Holiday Party: How many get-togethers are you inviting each year during the holiday season? Holiday parties, open houses, and even cookie exchanges are a way to meet new people or reconnect with family, friends, colleagues, and friends and acquaintances. Take advantage of these opportunities! Believe it or not, someone you may be talking to may happen to know the recruitment manager of one of the companies you are interested in. Or, they may know the perfect opportunity that you have not even found! Networking does not have to be frightening, and networking at events like this comes more natural for most people. (Remember to put your best foot in a party … limit drinking and not dance on the table!)

Volunteer: Look for additional voluntary opportunities. Do you know about a local nursing home that has a holiday party for all its inhabitants? Do you know a company that organizes a children’s holiday event? Why not connect with them and offer to volunteer. You will never know if the place you are willing to do is find a fill position, and volunteering is one of the best ways to get your feet on the door. Again, networking can be fun!

Send Holiday Cards: Do you want to get back in touch with someone, but never know how to do it? Well, then send them a holiday card! Sometimes short and sweet handwritten notes on a card can get someone to pick up the phone and call you.

Remember to update your resume, create a personalized business card (sites like Vistaprint are good for this), and enjoy yourself! Soon, you will not only celebrate the holiday season, but you will also celebrate your new job! Good luck!

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Taking Care of Healthy Teeth


What needs to be done to maintain oral health? Here are tips on taking care of your teeth and mouth to stay healthy and beautiful:

Choose Dental Floss, Avoid Toothpick

Finished enjoy the food, usually there are some foods that inhabit the gaps of the teeth. This situation can be disruptive and if left too long can cause damaged teeth. To remove it, use dental floss instead of using a toothpick. Dental floss will minimize the occurrence of friction and impact on the teeth and gums. Conversely the use of toothpicks allows the shift of teeth and injure the gums, making bleeding gums and infection.

Brushing Right

How to brush your teeth correctly?

Brush with light pressure. Pressing too hard on teeth will damage teeth and gums. The gums will bleed easily and are sensitive to infection. Because of the problem, the gums become imperfect to support the teeth and can cause tooth decay or teeth to date.
Direction of correct sweep. The correct brushing direction is a one-way vertical from the base to the tip of the tooth. The goal is that the remaining food in between teeth can be swept out and the tooth-gum border is not eroded. The direction of the sweep for the molars is a chewed surface brush with a movement to the right-left like a sweep or a movement of shortening.
The ideal brushing time duration is 2-3 minutes. If too fast, teeth will be less clean but if too long can erode tooth enamel and irritate gums.
Use a soft toothbrush. Bristles that are hard and rigid will damage the enamel. Make sure the bristles are neat and not out of line.
Choose a toothbrush with a small brush head. The size of the brush head corresponding to the jaw will make the teeth cleaner as it reaches the deepest part of the tooth.

The Right Time to Brush Teeth

Recommended toothbrushing time is morning after breakfast and night before bedtime, because at bedtime, there is no saliva production. As a result, if any food remains, will make bacteria and germs active. The remaining foods containing acid and sugar will weaken tooth enamel and increase the risk of cavities.

Gargling with Mouthwash

Finish brushing your teeth, complete with gargling with mouthwash containing antiseptic. This is useful for protecting teeth from plaque. In the mouth that is experiencing problems, such as wounds on the gums can use mouthwash containing antibiotics.

Tongue Cone

The surface of the tongue is shaped like a “valley hill” which means there are gaps on the surface of the tongue that need to be cleaned. Kototran not lost if with rinsing. How to clean it is to scrape the surface of the tongue using a toothbrush or a special tool to scrape the tongue.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum is useful for self cleansing on the teeth. Chewing gum can clean up food scraps and plaque on tooth surface. Chewing gum will stimulate the production of saliva so that the mouth is not dry and bad breath, Although useful, but the sugar content in gum can damage the teeth, so do not forget to brush your teeth after chewing.

Limit Sugar and Acid Consumption

As much as possible, limit foods and beverages containing sugar and acids such as candy, chocolate, or soft drinks. The simple carbohydrates contained in them are highly preferred bacteria. Bacteria will make plaque that will convert sugar to acid. Acid can erode tooth enamel and make cavities. It would be very good, if after consuming sugar or acid, take time to brush your teeth.

Limit Wine, Coffee and Tea

The tannin content contained in tea and coffee can change the color of the outer layer of the tooth or enamel. Dyes on other colored drinks, such as wine, syrup or soft drinks can also cause stains on the teeth.

Stains will be easily formed on the surface of a rough tooth caused by an uneven plaque or anatomical tooth. Prevention is to drink using a straw and limit consumption of 1-2 cups a day.

Do not smoke

At the time of smoking cigarettes, cigarette smoke and millions of other chemicals contained in a cigarette will enter the mouth and affect the tissues and organs in the mouth, including the teeth.

Cigarette smoke will also reduce the production of saliva that causes bad breath, causing the mouth to become dry and make the mouth condition a comfortable place to breed the bacteria.

Other effects of smoking include:

Gum color changes, teeth and lips become darker
Dental caries is easily formed
Increased risk of oral cancer
Mouth so flavored cigarettes

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How to Use Twitter to Help Your Vacation Marketing?


Holiday Marketing Ideas, Tips, Strategies with Twitter

Many small business owners think that you should have a huge list for success in getting new subscribers to this holiday harga paket karimunjawa session using twitter. The correct use of a list on twitter to get more business is just one tip, idea or strategy that you can use when marketing on holiday with twitter.

In this article I will discuss the exact ideas and strategies you need to understand how you can use twitter to attract more clients during this holiday session. This tip works even if you have not used twitter all your life or do not have a list of potential customers who follow you at all.

Before we get into the tip of a small business marketing strategy tip, we have to think about what your customers might use to twitter. Well maybe use twitter to share ideas and ask questions from their friends, or acquaintances.

The second idea to understand is that everything, some say on twitter during holidays like Christmas or any other time can only be monitored or observed by searching for a topic on one of the twitter search engines.

What does this mean for you … that as long as you know what someone on twitter will talk about to make them your ideal customer; Then you can find the conversation in real time and offer your retail establishment as a potential choice.

Here are your action steps for holiday marketing with twitter monitoring.

Holiday Marketing Ideas Number 1: Choose Twitter Search Engines

There are some of them out there now. You can do a Google search for the term “twitter search” and find some great solutions. Google has a special search option that searches for twitter now but Google’s custom twitter search has ads in it so I get annoyed.

Holiday Marketing Tips Number 2: How To Identify Your Potential Customers

Once you find the twitter search engine you like. List all of the potential key elements a person on twitter can talk about that will qualify as a potential customer for your business.

These can be words like “Christmas shopping” “your competitor’s business name” “Black Friday” or “the type of product or service you’re selling”

Remember if you have a brick and mortar business to include the area where business is located as one of your key terms. Once you list out the term you just put your search term on the twitter search engine.

Holiday Marketing Ideas Number 3

Now, open your eyes to conversations that qualify certain people on twitter as an ideal customer for your place of business.

Once you see someone or some people talking about doing their vacation, the next step is to join in the conversation they have experienced by being helpful and friendly.

Holiday Marketing Idea Number 4

Here’s how to approach the conversation:

Imagine you are at a party and someone is talking about shopping for this holiday session. Will you approach those strangers and just pitch your store? Probably not, you might just walk around and ask them like … “who are you shopping today” “how do you pick where you should shop today” questions that politely invite you to join the conversation. Then you might offer some general advice that is only for their best interests.

Holiday Marketing Tip Number 5

Once you have a chat and you understand a bit about what they are looking for, you can talk about coming to your store in a way that suits the needs they express in the conversations you do with them.
Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder

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Wood Outdoor Furniture – Little Care For Old Age


Actually no one can match the beauty of wood. Perhaps in a nice atmosphere outdoors, you can use teak, cedar, and even oak wood that will provide a very warm atmosphere and even very inviting you to go to the deck or even to any terrace. This is what will make a furniture like this so very popular.

Unfortunately, wood can also be very susceptible to various damage effects from the universe. And maybe because they tend to be quite expensive, then this is what makes you later do not want to invest your money and or at all do not want to waste it. No need to worry. If you currently want to follow some simple tips, then your outdoor furniture will still look good and even also be a place that is right for you in enjoying your food for many years to come later.

You can also start with this, if you have not bought a place to eat yet, then there is nothing wrong if you go to buy teak furniture or even made of eucalyptus. In the meantime, they are usually much more expensive. Tropical wood like this can indeed be said to be more resistant to insects, decay and even other things. And it’s true if you later have a greater cost from the front, but you will be able to get a furniture that will last a lifetime and of course with minimal care.

More common and cheaper woods such as spruce, pine and redwood will require more attention. Places to eat made from these ingredients should be treated with preservatives, then sealed against water vapor with the appropriate stains or oils. There are many different products garden teak furniture to choose from, so be sure to ask for help on repairing or storing our local home.

But apart from the variety of wood that exists today, at least you still have to be required to be able to clean outdoor furniture every year. On the other hand there are actually still a number of commercial products that have been widely available to date. Coupled with the presence of several artificial solutions that are also very effective later. The purpose of this is to eliminate fungi, sap, pollen, or even other ingredients that have previously been accumulated. Nothing wrong if from now on you can follow the instructions carefully and it would not hurt for you to take the time to ensure that you have cleaned every surface.

As you probably already know, moisture is the number one public enemy for wooden outdoor furniture. Even tropical hardwoods can finally give up and rot if at least some precautions are not done.

Place a waterproof cover over your wooden dinner place during winter or when you will not use it for a while. Position the furniture on a dry surface. If you let it sit in the yard where the dew will collect, or in a low place where the rain water is gathered, the moisture will migrate through the legs of the table and chairs. Finally, remove the drink and other spills immediately, and do not put hot items directly on the wood. It will not destroy the furniture, but it can make a permanent stain.

So, maybe when you later find some shortcomings when choosing an outdoor dining table furniture, then apply some very simple steps and it will all be able to help you in preserving or even protect your investment later. So you will also be able to continue to enjoy the beauty and color of furniture for many years.

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Benefits and Benefits of Celery Leaf Stew for Health

Hasil gambar untuk seledri

Celery leaf stew is a beverage derived from celery stew. Celery leaves are usually used for cooking materials as well as to add a distinctive taste that arouse the taste. In addition celery leaves have a very important benefit to health. Water stew is often used as a traditional medicine since the first.

Behind it all these drinks have many benefits for the health of the body and there are many nutritional content. The ingredients of this ingredient include folate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, magnesium, iron, calcium and many more. The content is believed to have many benefits and benefits for the body. Then what are the benefits and efficacy of celery stew for health, the following information.

Celery Leaf Stew, Celery Stew Fruit Benefits, The Benefits of Celery Leaf Stew
1. Treat rheumatism

If rheumatic attack will certainly interfere with daily activities because it causes pain and pain in the bone. The main trigger of rheumatic disease due to excess uric acid, uric acid will accumulate in the joints and can crystallize which resulted in moving the body will be difficult. Rheumatism also threatens the movement with the occurrence of paralysis.
2. Treating anemia

Benefits of celery stew can also be used to treat anemia. Anemia or what is commonly referred to as lack of blood can cause headaches throughout the day which is certainly very disturbing activity. For those of you who experience the problem do not worry about drinking boiled water celery leaves are able to overcome the problem.
3. Overcoming oily skin

Oily skin will certainly be a problem for teenage women, the main trigger of excess oil on the skin due to excessive hormone levels. The problem can be solved naturally by eating celery stew, because it can help reduce excess oil on the face.
4. Treating cough

When experiencing cough with phlegm will certainly disrupt the activity, boiled water of celery leaves has the benefit to treat cough with phlegm. The content contained in boiled water celery is capable of serving as a traditional medicine to relieve cough with phlegm and heal.
5. Fight cancer

This drink has a function to fight cancer, the content contained in it is active to fight cancer cells in the body. Not only that this compound is also active to stop the growth of tumor cells and block the action of prostaglandins that can encourage the growth of tumor cells.
6. Lower cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels will cause the buildup and clogging of blood vessels that will trigger the emergence of various diseases that are very dangerous. But even that can be overcome by drinking boiled water of this celery, because it can control cholesterol levels in the body.
7. Keep skin taut and young

The content of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and folate contained in boiled water celery leaves are able to keep skin taut and youthful. It is in because vitamin content that contains collagen that serves to maintain and protect and moisturize the skin. Not only that other content contained in it can make the brighter, shine, and bright.
8. Lowering high blood pressure (hypertension)

High blood is also included in a very dangerous disease because it can cause death not only that this disease also threatens the rupture of blood vessels in the brain. One of the natural remedies to overcome the problem is to drink boiled water celery leaves, but by drinking boiled water celery leaves is also able to lower high blood pressure.
9. Treating dry eyes

Dry eyes will certainly interfere with our dry activity can usually cause itching, this itch will certainly cause irritation if the let.
10. Eliminate acne

Acne is a very disturbing problem especially for women, the main trigger for the emergence of this acne is the excess hormone. Not only the excess of environmental hormones that are not clean also included into the factors of acne emergence. By drinking boiled water of celery leaves can solve the problem, besides boiled water celery leaves are also able to remove black spots acne scars.

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Simple Tips for Enjoying a Stress-Free Vacation

Mauritius lead 1-xlarge

Although some of us anticipate the excitement and love to reconnect with your family and friends during the holidays, most of us also fail to plan unreasonable annual pressures during the holidays paket wisata karimunjawa. This pressure is planning and preparing food or stress relief travels to grandmother’s house, all of which can cause burden, depression or with a dense journey, with anxiety and frustration. And with feelings in my heart “I will never do this again.The good news is that this is not a problem because we are going to share some very simple yet powerful stress reduction exercises in their outcome for your holiday fun.

No two people are alike and what works for someone may not work for you. So take the time to give every honest exercise technique and apply your most profitable and combine it into your daily life – your life on the sidelines of the holidays.

Universally, the most commonly overlooked stress release is breathing exercises. Even though your internal voice is shouting at you by saying “I do it automatically,” research has shown that most people breathe too superficially to starve cells and the brain with enough oxygen to produce depression, lethargy, and lethargy. Have you ever seen how slow the genitals move?

So let me share my reward with you as you enter the 2011 holiday season. A gift of excitement by helping you set holiday pressure.

So how do I breathe correctly, you ask?

1 Sit on the tail bone and straighten your spine, pull your shoulders back, relax your facial muscles, position your tongue in the void between the roof and the bottom of your mouth, put both feet on the ground without shoes if possible and SMILE.

Do this now, breathe in a big breath that blows your stomach like a balloon; Hold for a count of 28 then exhale slowly while counting to 14. How do you feel? Better I bet Repeat ten times for the best and fastest results.

Most of my clients say they receive maximum benefits while following a simple breathing routine. Their first session immediately after waking and before they start their day, the second session at midday and the last session before bed. They will also inject other sessions as needed if they start feeling stressed during the day. This exercise usually takes only 5 minutes by adding 15 minutes a day commensurate with a minimal amount of time to feel alive, alert, eager and optimistic about everything. You will feel like opening a window and shouting into the universe

The second technique to help you have less stress the holiday season is to delegate, delegate some of your vacation to do list to others. You do not have to do it yourself. Times have changed since her grandmother stayed home and had time to clean and decorate the house for the holidays while grandfather sat casually in his rocking chair while smoking his pipe. Get a grandpa and do it! The side benefits of this activity will increase its longevity. Delegating some tasks should not be confined to grandpa; Delegate to everyone who comes Be careful to show appreciation even for the smallest task. The person you love will enjoy the holiday more by feeling useful and more willing to help next time. Practice discipline to say, “I Need Your Help”.

Third, if your family tradition of getting together and celebrating holiday meals together, ask everyone who is invited to donate their special dishes that will reduce your stress ahead and during the day of celebration. Doing this will allow you and others to enjoy food, music, and quality time together. Remember your stress level may be the energy that dominates the tone and will be the difference between a fun and loving holiday or a rage and disappointing together

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Some Ways To Choose An Outdoor Dining Table For Your Hotel and Restaurant Later


If you currently want to be able to offer your visitors a great and memorable dining experience, then there is now an outdoor dining place that will usually provide a very comfortable seat and also very important later. And just as with any type of outdoor furniture you normally use for your hotel, restaurant or resort, where to eat on your terrace should be a reflection of the image you want to show. You can choose, depending on your outdoor space, from bistro tables and chairs to more traditional pieces of wood. And the following will tell you there are at least three main factors that you still need to consider first before buying a dining table furniture for a place outside your home.

Material: Very sturdy wood such as teak wood, various types of metal and also rattan are three popular choices that are now widely used to make various models and also types of furniture. Maybe before you choose the right ingredients, at least you still need to consider the three main factors of it like endurance, comfort and even flexibility. Meanwhile, teak also proved to be more durable when compared with other materials apalagisaat every time they are exposed to sun exposure. Maybe wood can indeed be a very beautiful choice. But indeed, on the other hand rattan can also be a very comfortable material because of their very tight woven. If your outdoor furniture is exposed to sunlight and rain, consider complimenting rattan furniture with terrace umbrellas. Aluminum is more versatile because it is lightweight, yet remains sturdy and comes in a variety of colors.

Size: Although size may be the most important aspect when buying a kitchen set of outdoor furniture, this is often overlooked. Usually, the best patio dining area will go into your open space without making it feel crowded. Your outdoor dining table should accommodate all your guests comfortably while still leaving enough room to get around. Your table width should be as high as 36 inches (91 cm) to create a large space for setting the place and also the food.

The right size for your eating place will also affect your outer area. It will also depend on how your open space will be. In general, a set of bistros consisting of two chairs and one table is usually ideal for large or small terraces then for deck as well. So maybe if now you want to be able to make a small corner for a place of relaxation, then they will later be a very good choice later.

The round table is also great for small areas. They fit in the conference room and do not have a sharp angle to hit. Not having a corner makes it fit more people. The outdoor table pedestal is even better, as they offer more legroom. If you have a large room in your garden or terrace, go with the full rectangular outdoor dining set. Although the round table can be a space saver, the more difficult it is to reach mashed potatoes.

Surface: The table made of wood will of course still require the least maintenance when compared to furniture of other materials. This is because they are very easy to clean even with the use of mild detergent. Meanwhile, in the presence of a metal table, if left in the sun they will still be used as usual. But the downside of them is, this Teak Furniture Manufacture will be able to heat up very quickly. Therefore, they should be placed in a shady area like when you use a patio umbrella for them. And so it is with glass tops that are very simple to clean and can even make beautiful accents in the garden, but their fragile nature means best used on covered porches, porches or decks. In addition, they are weak against the elements so they must definitely be moved into the house during the winter.

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4 Benefits of Leaf Centers For Health and Medicine

Hasil gambar untuk pegagan

The benefits of pegagan leaf may not have been much in the know, but this leaf has long been used as a traditional medicine in various countries. Centella asiatica is a member of the parsley family that grows in India, Southeast Asia, and Africa. This plant thrives on the edge of the water body is calm and spread. The leaves and stems are part of the plant we eat or as a medicine. Like parsley, gotu kola also use for plate decoration and almost no flavor. Centella asiatica has been used as a remedy in Indian Ayurvedic tradition, and in the treatment of Africa and China. In addition to varicose veins, gotu kola is used to treat various conditions such as syphilis, asthma, and skin problems such as psoriasis. People also use it in cooking in the same way you would use parsley or watercress.

Here are some benefits of leaf pegagan for health:

1. Traditional and Contemporary Medicine

Over the centuries, especially in China, India and Indonesia have used pegagan to treat various diseases and medical conditions. Traditional uses include wound healing, treatment of skin conditions such as leprosy and psoriasis and improved cognitive function. Many people have used this herbal remedy to treat diseases such as syphilis, gastric ulcer, mental fatigue, epilepsy, asthma, diarrhea, fever and hepatitis.

The University of Maryland Medical Center says that gesture is currently most commonly used to treat varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency and psoriasis. However, modern research studies suggest the herb may also require additional drug applications.

2. Reduce Anxiety

Indian researchers conducted small-scale clinical trials to determine the effects of gotu kola, possibly on related anxiety symptoms, such as depression. They collected about 33 test subjects, who were given two capsules of 500 milligrams of pegagan extract each day for a 60-day test period. The investigators observed the participants during the study period and gave the questionnaires to be filled at the beginning of the test, after 30 days and at the end of the test.

Based on observations and responses, researchers found that Centella asiatica complements symptoms significantly to reduce anxiety. In the 2010 edition of “The Nepali Medical College Journal,” the research team says their findings suggest that gestational pennywriting may be useful in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorders, or GAD.

3. Accelerate Wound Healing

In a review of preclinical and clinical studies of the pharmacological properties of glychemas, the Indian team noted that several studies in animals have shown that herbal remedies are very effective in speeding wound healing. They cite a study in which various formulations of creams, gels and ointments from aquatic weeds and water extracts were applied to open wounds in laboratory mice.
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After 24 days of treatment, researchers found that pegagan applied three times a day has stimulated cell proliferation and collagen synthesis in the wound of the animal. An overview of the nature of this herbal remedy, published in the “Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.” September-October 2010.

4. Antioxidants

Researchers in Brazil evaluated the intestine extract of water in the level of antioxidant and cytotoxic activity. They also looked into the content of the extracts of both phenolics and flavonoids, vegetable compounds with significant medicinal properties. The reporting findings are contained in the issue of “International Journal of Molecular Sciences” 2009, the research team reported that the extract of pegagan showed strong antioxidant properties during the test. The researchers also noted that the extract of gotu kola exhibited cell killing ability when tested on glioma cell line of breast cancer.

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Discover Fun Holidays in Bulgaria


When it comes time to consider a vacation spot, most people think of warm sandy beaches, which are always crowded and often uncomfortable. Instead of choosing this kind of giveaway, find an alternative to traditional beach holidays, with a walking holiday in the mountains of Bulgaria. There are a large number of mountain vacations available, where you can find the Rhodope Mountains in Melanya. This unlocked vacation provides an ideal opportunity for everyone, giving you the highest environmental support and sensitivity, with stunning scenery, beautiful culture and more. Melanya is an innovative village, which has not changed for centuries, and you are encouraged to take one of these mountain vacations to learn more about people, culture, discovering rivers, forests, river currents and more that tremendous crossing this. Mountains.

Although this is a break from traditional holiday opportunities, mountain walking holidays are available to everyone, young or old, and you can always have airport transfers and arranged hotels to ensure that you enjoy your holiday with security, security and tranquility. This walking holiday paket honeymoon karimunjawa is deep in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains, which is close to the border of Greece and Bulgaria. In the village of Lyubino, you will be able to find the most amazing heart debate, available panoramas from the venue with the highest point of view available safely. With beautiful stone housing, functional and ancient, slate roofs that have been made from the hand, they provide a magical look to keep their location on the slopes. This small village is beautiful, but its way of life is very fragile, because it stays in the neighborhood, with respect and work with the environment by all means.

With the charisma that you can not enjoy elsewhere in the world, you will be able to take advantage of traditional Turkish style, staying in a beautiful guesthouse, private house entrance, bedroom, kitchen, wet room and separate place. restroom. You can also make use of the self-catering facilities, or enjoy the fabulous organic menu, make your mountain walking holiday at Melanya, giving retreats you will remember forever. This mountain-walking holiday provides openness and relaxation that you can not find on any beach, anywhere in the world. In his speech you must Melanya, you will be able to read a large amount of information, read the map, and find the various activities available in the Rhodope Mountains.

This could include fishing, boating, mountain biking, walking, photography and more. The views and people are truly spectacular, and this is a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity for you to testify and experience every new life release that has not changed for centuries. This is truly an honor and a rarity in this world, and with your Mount Melanya vacation you will be able to harness wildlife, culture, amazing seasons, amazing activities and more, which really make this all inclusive. A great holiday destination for all.

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Bromo Tour Package 2 days 1 night with beauty Bromo in Overnight

Bromo travel package 2 days 1 night is one saving travel packages offered by travel ongis at designated for nature lovers who want to feel the chill of the evening breeze and the beauty of the sunrise at Mount Bromo. For those of you who get bored with noisy and congested urban street life of the city, this travel package will provide a solution to eliminate your boredom.

Bromo travel package 2 days 1 night will present the real beauty of mountain tourism bromo by notifying the appropriate spots to see the sunrise so that the eyes of your vacation to tour Mount Bromo did not disappoint.

If you want to look for evidence of the beauty of God’s creation, Mount Bromo is one of those places that you must visit travel malang surabaya .The beauty of the rising sun charming, scenic expanse of desert that is hypnotic, and the atmosphere of savanna hills teletubis which calm the mind. It is remarkable ciptaann god.

Gambar terkait

Here is a glimpse of the program travel packages bromo-2 day 1 night :


To pick the Ongis Travel will pick up from the station or in the airport of poor town, and then forwarded to the tourist area of Mount Bromo.
NB: cultivated checked in at 12 pm.


Arriving arrived in the tourist area of Mount Bromo, we will be heading to the inn to rest.

Towards the peak climbing

Around 02:30 am, we will besrsiap leaving for climbing to the top. Travelers will be picked up a jeep or hardtop. At the top climbing, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise until the finish.

Towards crater bromo

After the tourists enjoy the sunrise, we will go to the crater of Mount Bromo . Mengatar car could only arrive at the parking lot, so tourists have to climb to reach the crater or tourists can rent horses to climb (the cost of outside package)

Towards the desert savannah and desert

After enjoying the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo, travelers will be heading to the desert savannah, where travelers will enjoy views of green meadows. After that, the tourists will travel to the desert, where the tourists will hear the sound of sand in the wind as if they were whispering.

Program travel packages bromo-2 day 1 night ends

Once completed, the traveler will be delivered to local restaurants and a short break to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo before returning home. After that, the tourists will diatarkan back to the inn and forwarded to the airport or station in the poor.

To be able to book travel packages bromo-2 day 1 night, you can make a reservation with us. CS 24-hour service will be ready to help you arrange travel schedule at Mount Bromo. Entrusting your holiday with us Ongis Travel Travel

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