The Benefits of Bowling for Health

Monday, May 22nd 2017. | Tips


1. Make MuscleStrong

Weight ball and movement or technique are very influential in building stronger muscles. Movements such as bending, pulling the body backward, leg movement is also very helpful in forming the muscles of the body becomes stronger. If you often do bowling, you can feel the usefulness in a few months.

2. Make Muscles Be Flexible

Not only does it help in making muscles strong, doing this exercise can also help flex the muscles of the body. Many body movements that can help muscles become more flexible, such as bending, crawling, twisting, jumping and more.

3. Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Not only does it help in making the body muscles become supple and firm in the legs, arms, chest, abdomen or thighs only, but bowling can also help in building stronger muscles in the internal organs like the muscles around the heart. In addition, regular breathing is also necessary in playing this sport, it can also train the heart in supplying blood throughout the body.

4. Preventing Diabetes

In addition to helping in overcoming various heart diseases, the benefits of bowling next exercise is to prevent diabetes. Although powerful in preventing non-treat, this sport deserves to be a healthy exercise choice for you who want to avoid diabetes.

5. Streamlining the Blood Circulation

Movement produced when playing olarahga has efficacy in improving blood flow. In addition to helping to make the blood circulation to be smooth, this exercise can also help in building more active blood cells so that the blood vessels ebih maximum in distributing oxygen throughout the body.

6. Lower Cholesterol

For those of you who have high cholesterol, try to try this mild exercise because it is of great benefit in helping to lower cholesterol. Everything there is a bowling movement, these movements are very positive effect in overcoming various diseases, especially cholesterol.

7. Increase Motor Coordination

In bowling, you are required to shoot ahead to hit the target. Important elements such as balance, technique and power are very influential in this game. All that requires good body coordination. If you often do this game, then indirectly you are actually training the coordination, balance, pressure and control of energy.

8. Increase the Sense of Socialization

Sports bowling is one of the most popular indoor sports. With its popularity, of course this sport has many organizations or clubs of its players. You can join a club and build a good sense of socialization for the health of the mind.

9. Lose Weight

All sports definitely have the efficacy in losing weight or burning calories, although some are just a few chances. This game became one of the sports that burn a lot of calories. As has been observed, playing a single bowling can burn at least 150 to 300 calories in each game.

10. Reduce Stress

The next benefit is to help in dealing with stress due to the many thoughts about work matters or personal problems. Doing this game can give a happy effect on the liver and help the mind more fresh.